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No description

Charles Mayes

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Pirating

What is Pirating?
Definition: Pirating is the use or reproduce of someones work for profit without permission.
What are the piracy percentages around the world?
Surprisingly, the United States piracy rate is at 19% while other countries such as Venezuela(88%) and China(77%) have much higher rates.
Fun Fact
Even with the Unites States having the largest market for software, the piracy rate is the lowest.(19%)
BIM 2018
By: Tripp Mayes
Preventions of Piracy
#1 Obtain any licenses needed for compliance.
#2 Perform regular software audits to guard against piracy.
Entities to report piracy to
#1 The Federal Bureau of Investigation
#2 BSA - The Software Alliance
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