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No description

Katherine Payne

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of NETS-S

NETS-S Technology Standards Katherine Payne 2.Use digital imaging technology to modify or create works of art for use in a digital presentation. (1,2,6) Students will use the website switchzoo to create a new animal, and save a print screen of it to incorporate into a presetntaion to the class. Students will describe their animal and the regions of the world where it can be found. 5.Identify and investigate a global issue and generate possible solutions using digital tools and resources (3,4) Students will research global current events and present their findings in the form of a fake news broadcast. It will include "interviews" with other group members that detail their views on how to solve their global issue. Video presentations will be made to the class. 6. Conduct science experiments using digital instruments and measurement devices. (4,6) Students will create time lapse videos to show the movements of a plant growing that are too slow for the human eye to analyze. 9.Debate the effect of existing and emerging technologies on individuals, society, and the global community. (5,6) Students will choose a piece of technology and describe how it is relevant to their life. They will also determine how it might better connect them with others in the world and pretend to have a conversation with a person in a foreign country about their discoveries. Grades 3-5 Thank you for watching! The End
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