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Breaking Bad Habits

No description

Linnea Nagel

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits
Linnea Nagel- Head Coach WBR
Breaking Bad Habits
Think Before You Leap
* Flexibility- oversplit stretch
* Plie- how to demonstrate the importance of down before up, saute drill
* Debate on the back leg position- stretch in that position
* Back muscles
* Flexed feet- back foot is common, anticipating landing, T lift, go back to saute jump drill
* Stack the blocks
* Sway backs- common in young females
* Front foot in a prep, watch from the side
* Rotation of shoulders (wind up)
* Elongate neck, "no neck" syndrome
* Leg position (dinner tray), passe, no foot to knee, as this encourages point from toe not ankle
* Demi/Grande plie at barre in second position (reverse plie releve drill) , two finger rule
* Flat foot/low releve common issue, throws off the blocks, drive into the ground, weak ankles?
* Spotting- how do you teach this? Probably most effective way is chaine
Chaine Turns
* Decide where you want the feet placed- small second?
* Closed 1st for carriage is probably best for faster turns, less whipping
* Younger ones we do spaghetti meatball
* Stress Barbie legs
* Great for teaching spotting!
Fouette Turns
* I personally do not teach fouette en tournant, lots of variability on how these are taught
* A la Seconde- I teach second position the whole time, 90 degree, accent on releve (syncopation)
* Pelvis Tilt/Chest pump common
* Dead Fish foot- Yuck! Back to basics...
* Fondue/develope exercises at the barre
* Partner drill for plie/releve, be sure to be at natural turnout/ headlights to front
* Turning mechanism is one thing but you must have the strength...can you hold your leg out there? If not you're not ready
* Hip Flexor- floor exercise to improve (takes the quads out of it)
Flexibility and High Kicks
* Understand neural mobility/fascia
* Releases that can be used to improve mobility
* Static stretching vs Dynamic stretching
* Yoga/Pilates
* Straights- watch sickled foot
* Diagnols- turn out
* Fans- wing foot will help
* Preps- this is not a gas station! No floppiness allowed, drive heels only will help
Sickle Foot
* Understanding the anatomy and ROM
* Exercises to improve ankle strength
* Sticker trick
* Ballet basics
* Stretches to improve plantarflexion/point
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