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9-18 Month Child Developing

Maia, Iris, Alicia

Maia Lagna

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of 9-18 Month Child Developing

Child Development
Intellectual Development
Development of social skills and emotional maturity that are needed to forge relationships and relate to others. How children experience, express, and interpret emotions.
Noticing The Signs of a Developing Child
There are 3 developmental areas where a child can grow in:

1. Intellectual

2. Physical

3. Social/Emotional
The ability to think about and understand the child's world. Sensory, motor experiences and play are the main ways children learn.
What are the Needs?
household objects
stuffed toys
personal time with your child
What are the milestones and capabilities?
How to Foster Growth in This Area?
How to Foster Growth in this Area
looks for hidden objects
puts in and takes things out of a container
points to objects
can follow simple commands like "sit"
likes to play pretend with dolls and stuffed animals
Milestones & Capabilities The Needs Fostering Growth in this Area
What are the Milestones and Capabilities
put objects, toys, or cereal in front of them
tell them commands
show them items and name them(so they can identify them later)
encourage them when they make connections to objects and commands
What are the needs?
may have temper tantrums
may be afraid of strangers
shows affection to familiar people
has favorite toys
plays games like peek-a-boo!
constant attention and affection to child
having a soothing tone in voice
baby-proof toys
time to bond and play with child
stands/holds onto furniture
can get into sitting position
crawls around
walks by holding onto furniture
be very encouraging and supportive of child during times when child is scared, shy, or having a tantrum
show affection to child so the child will react to you
let child know that he/she can trust you and be comfortable around you
constant attention
available crawling area
be ready to catch your baby when they fall!
always be there for a child
be supporting and encouraging
9-18 month old children develop in many ways:
Intellectual, Physical, and Social/Emotional Situations
Young children can develop these skills faster if you encourage and help them.
Growth and development of a child's body and the acquisition of motor skills.
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