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Drew Newton

on 15 October 2009

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Transcript of Confederation

Confederation What is it? A confederation is an association of sovereign member states, that by treaty have delegated certain of their competences to common institutions. "Huh?" So let's be friends... ...with benefits ;] Defense Foreign Affairs Common Currency How it works: Each state functions independently,
but like friends with benefits, they come together for "SUPPORT" Central Government Unites states

Provides one voice

Strength in numbers States Operate separately

Legislate central government However, states have their own rights so there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED So what would happen if the U.S. were to adopt the principle of a weak central government? Nothing. The requirement of
unanimous decision would bring: Because of disagreements, cultures would separate
from the U.S. and grow independently. Ultimately,
the U.S. would disintegrate and be lost as a worldwide
superpower. Benefits: Notable Confederations The 1st official confederation was the Crown of Aragon- a union of Aragon and the County of Barcelona. America was a confederacy twice Switzerland-established in 1291 and remains a confederation to this day. American Freezing Pot?
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