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Major League Soccer

Making Soccer...Football

Peter Katsiris

on 18 March 2012

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Transcript of Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer [MLS] What is MLS? MLS and the world Turning SOCCER into FOOTBALL. Making MLS...better? What is MLS? Major League Soccer is the top-tier of soccer for the United States and Canada
MLS is currently in its 16th competitive season
MLS currently comprises 18 teams (16 from the United States, 2 from Canada)
Teams are divided equally in two conferences: Eastern and Western
Schedules feature at least two meetings with each team MLS IN CANADA Toronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps
Toronto FC are currently in their 5th season of operation
The Whitecaps are a new franchise in their first season
Montreal is a potential expansion location MLS and the World How does MLS compare with the world's best football?


Making the MLS...Better How can the MLS get better? Salary Cap Format Schedule Remove restrictions on team salaries
Follow international guidelines for team spending Establish a European-like system of promotion and relegation
This would promote the sport at a grassroots level, allowing youth to partake competitively Remove the league salary cap
Allows players to be competitively paid
League could attract more superstars Cut out the divide, no more "Conferences"
Implement a relegation/promotion format
Follow a more-European model for governance Allow teams to compete without any international interruptions
Follow a more European-style calendar (e.g. strictly weekend games) Any Questions?
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