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Perception and Individual Decision Making

No description

Polina Kirichuk

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Perception and Individual Decision Making

Process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment

Attribution Theory
Tries to explain the ways in which we judge people differently, depending on the meaning we attribute to a given behavior

Decision Making
Good decision making is a skill to be learned and mastered, especially for leaders who are managing a team. More importantly, individuals must also practice being good decision makers since it is not advisable to be too dependent on others for personal decisions.
Individual Decision Making
The downside of being too dependent on others is that you might have a hard time standing on your own two feet when a situation would require you to make a choice without anyone’s help.
Creativity in Decision Making
Creativity –
the ability to produce


Factors that Influence Perception
Perception and individual
decision making

Three Components of Creativity
The desire to work on something because it is interesting, involving, exciting, satisfying, or personally challenging

Abilities, experience, knowledge (technical, procedural and intellectual), proficiencies in the field

Creative Thinking Skills
Personality characteristics associated with creativity, the ability to use analogies, and the talent to see the familiar in a different light
Factors in the perceiver
Factors in the target
Factors in the situation
Factors in the perceiver
Theory X - management perceives employees as inherently lazy people who will avoid work if they can
Theory Y - management perceives employees as ambitious and self-motivated beings
Attribution Theory
When we make judgments about others, we tend to underestimate external attributions and overestimate internal attributions

Individuals and organizations also tend to attribute their own successes to internal factors while blaming failure on external factors
Creativity in Everyday Life
Creativity in Organization
Creativity Exercise
Create teams of 3-4 people
List as many as possible alternative uses for:

Paper clip
Toilet paper
Ex.: Brick
Mock coffin at a Barbie funeral
To throw through a window
To use as a weapon
Advantages of Individual Decision Making
You can take immediate action and fast solution to a problem or a situation
You are solely responsible for the kind of decision achieved, whether it is good or bad
You take full accountability for the outcome of the decision and its consequences
You take no arguments with your personal opinions on how to address a problem

Disadvantages of Individual Decision Making
You only see things based on your own perception.
You may have a hard time reaching a decision especially when you have an indecisive character.
It can be difficult for you to tell whether you are experiencing a decision making pitfall or not.
There may not be so many creative solutions generated when only one person makes the decision.
Women in Decision Making
Women tend to analyze decisions more than men. Women tend to analyze a decision prior to and after the fact. This rumination (reflecting at length) difference is largest in the earlier stages of life and adulthood.
Decision Making
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