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Who's who and what does he do.

Martha ter Horst

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of COPYWRITING CLASS - Lesson 1

The agency, the roles. The Creative Couple Art Director Creatives usually work in pairs. Usually because one is almost analphabetic and the other pretty blind. No, not true. Copy and Art work together because their combined skills bring a result perfectly balanced between conceptual coherence and aesthetical taste. The Art Director is responsible
for the visual aspects of an ad.
On print or video, everything
you see comes from the mind
of an art director. The Copywriter manages
everything related to words,
spoken or written. He has also
to deal with the musical choices. Copywriter + A good couple works together, together they come up with the idea and together they follow its development. But, when it comes to specific aspects of an Ad, then they share their responsibilities. It's Christmas time! What would you buy for your copy?
And for you art? ? ? Briefly, some other important roles. We’ll talk again about the creative couple analysing step by step how we build an advertising campaign. By now let’s see with whom you’re going to share your work with.

We’ll talk again about the creative couple
analysing step by step how we build
an advertising campaign. By now let’s see
with whom you’re going to share your work with. CREATIVE DIRECTOR He or she is the boss. The creative director may be an art or a copy, there are no rules. He is your supervisor, but his are not just tips. . They are the ambassadors of the agency, they take client’s requests and translate them to creatives. They take creatives’ ideas and sell them to the client. Hard work. The client commits the work, he is the final judge. Never forget that the client is trying to sell a product, not your masterpiece. Accounts CLIENTS BE CAREFUL. BE PATIENT. BE REALISTIC. LET'S WORK. (Step by step) Houston, the Client has a problem! Everything begins with a need. There is something the client wants to communicate and there are lots of possible topics. It may be the launch of a new product or simply a price promotion. The client may need to enlarge his target or to communicate a formula improvement in his shampoo. Whichever the need is, for the agency it is an opportunity. BRIEF ME BABY, ONE MORE TIME. The brief is a document written by the agency accounts. The brief contains the client’s objectives and all the information the creatives need to begin the work. Who is the client.
Which kind of campaign, on what media.
Objective description of the product - strengths and weaknesses.
Product’s “world”, how it is perceived within the consumers.
Target analysis.
Analysis of the competitors, focusing on competitors’ communication.
Elements of inspiration.
TIMING. What information? BRAINSTORMING The brief is our starting point.
Now we have all the elements
to begin our During the brainstorming each creative applys his own techniques.
Often the first brainstormings are made in team; the more brains we have, the more ideas we can get.
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