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Chemistry - 8.06 Biochemistry and Technology

No description

Kayla Adair

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Chemistry - 8.06 Biochemistry and Technology

Biochemistry and Technology The topic I chose to research is forensic science, such as DNA fingerprinting for criminal investigations. http://www.justice.gov/ag/dnapolicybook_solve_crimes.htm
DNA fingerprinting is often used in forensics to aid in the process of solving crimes. DNA fingerprinting can be used as evidence to argue a person’s innocence or guilt in a trial. DNA fingerprinting has the potential to link a suspect to a crime and it can also eliminate them as a suspect for a particular crime. DNA forensics also has the potential to identify crime, as well as suspects in a crime scene. Without DNA, many of our cases today would not be solved.

The hope for the future of DNA forensics is to better techniques applied to existing systems, STRs in particular. Another hope for the future of forensics is for more of a foolproof system that can provide unambiguous tests for more loci at once. Another hope for the future of DNA forensics is for a higher ability of automation. Another hope for the future of DNA forensics is for more pent nucleotides to be used more often. A positive aspect of DNA is that it can be used to link a suspect to a crime. Another positive aspect is that it can be used to exonerate someone of a wrongfully accused. While the positive aspects outweigh the negative, I think that the fact that the results of a DNA test are not automatic is a negative aspect. It is a negative aspect because it buys a suspect time to make a move. I think automation is highly required in DNA forensics. Based on my research, my conclusion is that DNA forensics should definitely continue being used. I think that DNA forensics should continue being used because DNA forensics are responsible for the resolving of many crime case. DNA forensics are also responsible for the prevention of many wrongful convictions.
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