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Beaconhouse Margalla Islamabad

No description

Beaconhouse Margalla

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Beaconhouse Margalla Islamabad

A project of Debating Society Margalla
Beaconhouse Margalla Islamabad
Debating Championship 2014
Why bring up this event?
a) To set new traditions in the debating arena.

Introduction to BMIDC 14'
The changes brought in the setup means the host team/ organisers also have a great learning experience.

From BMIMUN to BMIDC: Major Changes and Improvements
b) Inject new life into debating circuit of Islamabad
c) To provide a platform to young, upcoming debaters to be able to interact with and learn from much more experienced debaters hence enabling them to polish their existing speaking and debating skills
The learning experience for the host team includes the learning of management skills also does it give an opportunity to members of Secretariat to be able to enhance their critical thinking, analysis and pre-empting skills
BMIDC unlike regular MUN conferences will include only and only crisis committees where participants will have to debate upon situations.

This means participants will be required to not read up on just one specific topic, but gain general knowledge regarding a situation and use that to analyse and pre-empt the situation and hence be ready for any kind of motion they need to deal with.

Now here a certain crisis will be provided to the participants prior to the event and they will have to prepare accordingly.
During the conference, these delegates will first debate on what the have prepared and on spot crisis updates will be provided by regular intervals.
BMIDC will also include experienced and senior debaters as part of adjudicators which will not only bring viable experience to conference, participants and host team, but also will attract good debaters hence increasing the level of debate and providing all with a much needed learning experience.

BMIDC 14' will comprise of Nine committees as follows:
1) International Crisis Ad-Hock Committee
2) National Crisis Cell
3) Ad Hoc Summit of the Economic Community of West African States
4) The Assembly of Monarchs
5) Press Corps
6) JCC Nato
7) JCC Warsaw
8) Organization of Islamic Countries
9) Fédération Internationale de Football Association
e.g. International Crisis Ad-hoc Committee
We provide the delegates will crisis prior to the conference.
This would be a booklet containing the following related to the committee:
Emerging scenario
Possible Questions
e.g. Crisis:

1st July, year 2030, the entire world witnessed a moment they believed was long gone. Jaws dropped and eyes popped out as the world could not believe what had just happened. Ukraine's 15 years of civil war had finally come to an end by wiping Ukraine off of the world map. Ukraine is no more, but contrary to what it seems, its people are for the first time in 2 decades, happy. Arguably, Ukraine could now be deemed as peaceful. But at what price?
A force that was once forgotten has now resurfaced as reality. Ukraine was whipped off the map, not the face of the Earth. Ukraine still lives, just not alone. The country saw that it was now or never to act to save Ukraine and that's exactly what it did and succeeded in doing. In order to protect the people from bad governance, Russia has taken over Ukraine and the subsequent unison formed provides a daunting nightmare of the past. The newly expanded Russia is now called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR for short. USSR now plans on further expansion to bring back the true empire stronger than before. All original members of the USSR seem to be the likely target while it is still unclear at this point.
Russia was changing in the past few decades, slowly but noticeably under Ivan Melnikov, the leader of Communist Party of the Russian Federation after the death of Gennady Zyuganov. Due to lack of efficacy, the Russian federation started amending their laws to better serve their people, many of which were against the spirit of Democracy. This ultimately led to the death of democracy in Russia and the rebirth of Communism in USSR under Ivan Melnikov. The world was all taken in shock as one of history's most feared empire has returned.

Proposed Event Schedule:

Day 1:
Social Event 1* (Village planétaire)
Opening Ceremony
Help Session
Global Village/ Social

Day 2:
Committee Session
Committee Session
Social Event
Day 3:
Committee Session
Committee Session
Social Event
Day 4:
Committee Session
Committee Session/Resolution Passing
Announcement of committee winners/COD delegates
COD Session
Closing Ceremony/ Dinner

Social Event 1: Village planétaire
The world is a village and we invite you to the crossroads of culture at Village planétaire. The night is an exotic, festive summer soiree, with live music, and delightful stalls manned by your fellow delegates with drinks, food and souvenirs to share. At a stunning historical site; the rustic site of nostalgia, coupled with the buzz of an open-air market, Global Village will radiate with a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere and will be the event to remember. Prepare to discover an entire world in Islamabad's own Village planétaire.
2, 3, 4 and 5th August 2014
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