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Your brain is amazing

A classroom introduction to the Marshmallow test and the three brains model. To help children to defer their gratification (thereby all becoming hard-working, model pupils ;-) )

Ian Stock

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Your brain is amazing

Weighs 1.4 kg (2% of body weight)
86 billion neurons (cells)
Consumes 20% of your energy
Your brain is amazing
Brain 1
Bodily functions e.g. heart beat, breathing, digestion
Brain 2
Feelings and emotions
Happiness, Sadness, Fun, Boredom, Excitement,
Love. Fear
Three brain regions
Brain 3
Logical thought
Thinking things through
But there's a problem...
Your brain is naturally lazy (it uses less energy that way). It doesn't like using brain 3 (max. energy)
Effective people are able to use their brain 3 when they need to and to use it as well as they use their other brains.
We don't do Easy here.
We make easy happen through determination and learning.
(That's how you improve
Brain 3

Respect the knowledge of the teacher and other pupils
Don't interrupt the speaker
Come equipped for learning
Respect the learning environment
Always do your best work
Always use Brain 3
Basic rules for learning (to help you resist marshmallows)
The Marshmallow
People who are good at resisting marshmallows as youngsters were found to be more successful at the things they wanted to do in later life.
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