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By: Manjari and Angelica

Manjari Thavarasalingam

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Tides

By: Angelica and Manjari Tides What are Tides? What causes Tides? Neap Tides - Low Tides Aqueous Bulges - High Tides A Video on Tides Facts about Tides - Tidal waves are the biggest oceanic waves on our planet! Tides The highest tides happen in the Bay of Fundy, off Canada's east coast, the tides there can reach up to 15 meters!!!

The gravitational force that causes tides is known as "Tractive" force. Spring Tides - Tides are very long-period waves that move through the oceans in response to the forces produced by the moon and sun - The gravitational forces of the Moon and Sun together cause tides

- The rotation of the Earth causes tides too. . Aqueous bulges occur when a body of water is facing the moon, and the water is pulling towards the moon faster than the earth can rotate. High tides also occur when an ocean is facing directly away from the moon,and the moon is pulling the water towards it. baxtersharbour.blogspot.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRPtNAA-9UEh www.withagratefulheart.com -Tides are the rise and fall of our ocean's surfaces happening once or twice in a day - In all, there are three types of tides
Aqueous bulges - High Tides
Spring tides - Normal tides
Neap Tides- Low Tides When the Moon and Sun are in line, they produce gravitational forces that result in exceptionally high tides, which are spring tides. Neap tides happen when the Moon and the Sun are at right angles to each other and their gravitational forces somewhat attack each other. 2009rt6scisaurav.wordpress.com 2009rt6scisaurav.wordpress.com www.onr.navy.mil www.onr.navy.mil www.gogobot.com science.howstuffworks.com
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