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Home School Connection

No description

Barbara Weston

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Home School Connection

Home School Connection
Barbara Weston
October 11, 2013
Thomas Christner
How I feel about my child's school...
"There has always been excellent
communication between the school teachers, staff, and myself"
"There is no policy in regards to parent teacher communication, we use our best judgement"
- Mrs. Puntillo
School Activities/Events
"My son and daughters teachers send home weekly and monthly newsletters. Our district also sends out a monthly newsletter to keep the community informed"
Is your school meeting the needs of the students?
"The special education department at my daughter's I feel has placed Native American students in special education classrooms because they do not know how to deal with their behavior. Thankfully I have not had to deal with them personally" -Courtney
The principal at both my children's school is waiting to greet the buses every morning. When their teachers say they are always available, they really are.
Do you feel welcome at your school?
Do changes need
to be made at your school?

"We could use more support
from the administration, this would help the communication between us and our parents"
- Mrs.Puntillo
What strengths and weakness
does your school have?
How would you improve your child's education?
What are your plans for your child's future?
How does your school help students achieve their goals?
The guidance office along with the Title Vll counselors have many opportunities for my son to visit colleges and trade schools to discover what career path he wishes to persue. i feel they do offer many chances at
at helping reach his
I am just like any mother, I wish for my children to graduate and become successful contributing members of society.
"The best advice I can give any parent to improve their child's education is to become involved. Volunteer in the classroom, check their folders and ask them. Involved parents have successful children"
-Mrs. Puntillo
"In regards to communications with our multicultural students, we have a great home school coordinator. She is the liaison between us and the families. If we can use this resource to improve our communication maybe we will gain their trust and be able to give more help where needed."
-Mrs. Puntillo
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