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The Poem

No description

Ashley Lariviere

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of The Poem

The Poem
Lines that were Chosen
On page 538, words inspired this poem from us.
The Inspiration
At the river they eat their picnic lunch, then move downstream to shriek in the cool water. The noise they make frightens away a young okapi. He had just lately begun to inhabit this territory on the edge of the village. If the children had not come today, the okapi would have chosen this as his place. He would have remained until the second month of the dry season, and then a hunter would have killed him. But instead he is startled today by the picnic, and his cautious instincts drive him deeper into the the jungle, where he finds a mate and lives through the year. All because. If the mother and her children had not come down the path on this day, the pinched tree branches would have grown larger and the fat-bodied spider would have lived. Every life is different because you passed this way and touched history. Even the child Ruth May touched this way and touched history. Everyone is complicit. The okapi complied by living, and the spider by dying. It would have lived if it could.
Listen: being dead is not worse than being alive. It is different, though. You could say the view is larger.
Death is not the end, Merely the beginning.
Just a thought, this is not a great change,
but this is a newly written page.
For what if that deer's mother had not come this way?
Oh surely, this is what Nature wouldl say.
The trees would have grown, and a spider would have lived.
Not a big difference, just a different way rived.
Everything is connected, everything is together,
from the crickets, to the spiders, and even the weather!
You never know how you changed history,
even Ruth May has her own story.
The okapi lived and the spider died,
and in the end it was all justified.

Listen! Being dead isn't worse than being alive,
its simply a new way from which we are all derived.
In the forest a family rests, just stopping for a bite. The noise makes a young deer run in fright.
This new area was just becoming home,
now the poor deer is left to roam.
It is not the dry season, the time to move,
but once again he is one with the groove.
His life is changed,that much is clear.
For any longer a hunter he would fear.
When one door closes, another one opens,
and indeed a beauty is around the bend.
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