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The Importance of production

No description

Ali Kohistani

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of The Importance of production

Assembly Drawings/Rough Sketches
Used for a long time before CAD was invented
Could be accurate, but making these was time consuming and tedious
Can be used today during the design process to formulate ideas for a piece
Assembly drawings include drawings of the piece from many different angles and views
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
CAD design is very useful in modern industry. It saves time, as opposed to drawing out objects manually. CAD drawings can also be very complex without taking up a lot of space. Another advantage of CAD drawings is that you are able to view the object you created in 3D.
Measurements and Symbols
Measurements and Symbols are very important to industry. Usually an engineer or designer will make the drawings and the production workers will make whatever the engineers designed. Without measurements and symbols, the end product may not be correct or according to what the engineer intended.
Good technical drawings guard against delays in production
Increase accuracy in the parts being made
They must be accurate made according to the industry standards
The Importance of production
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