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The Most Dangerous Game

No description

Kieran Cray

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Game

The Most
Dangerous Game
Setting: Ship Trap Island
isolated tropical island in the Caribbean Sea
Atmosphere: ominous, suspenseful
Sanger Rainsford
world famous hunter
idol of General Zaroff
says world is made up of the hunters and the hunted
General Zaroff
owner of lawless uninhabited island
lures ships to his island
life revolves around hunting
becoming bored with fighting animals
hunts humans because they can reason
Rainsford vs. nature
man vs. nature
Rainsford battles the ocean and the rough surf as he swims to the island. He also battles the jungle when he is being hunted by Zaroff.
General Zaroff vs. "visitors"
man vs. man
Zaroff forces his visitors to play the role of quarry for him. Without exception, he corners and kills each visitor.
Rainsford vs. General Zaroff
man vs. man
Rainsford squares off against Zaroff in a deadly battle of wits and hunting skills. If Zaroff succeeds, he will kill Rainsford.
Rainsford vs. himself
man vs. self
Rainsford must struggle to remain calm and keep his wits about him.
Point of View
3rd Person Limited
effect of POV
We only know what Rainsford knows

falling off boat and remaining calm
Zaroff says, "To date I have not lost"
"Something extremely regrettable would occur
Discussion about Ship Trap Island between Rainsford and Whitney
Rainsford's comments about hunters and hunted
Gunshots heard in the distance from the ship
Rainsford not recognizing the scream coming from the island although he has hunted everything there is to hunt
Foreshadowing clues in the story regarding what is going to happen
Ship Trap Island, 1930s
Rainsford loses his balance and falls into the sea.
Zaroff tells Rainsford that he is bored with hunting most animals.
Zaroff tells Rainsford he hunts the most dangerous prey: man.
Zaroff asks Rainsford to join him in hunting his prey.
Zaroff thinks Rainsford is dead.
Rainsford confronts Zaroff in his bedroom.
Rainsford has never slept in a more comfortable bed.
Rainsford throws Zaroff out the window
Man vs. Man
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Self
Rainsford jumps off the cliff
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