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Sustainable Agriculture in the United States

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amina khribeche

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Sustainable Agriculture in the United States

What is Sustainable Agriculture? From a Global Perspective... Final
thoughts... Why Should We Worry? - the biodiversity & soil diversity throughout the US is declining due to lacking sustainability
- impacts of unsustainable agriculture:
Land conversion & habitat loss
wasteful water consumption
Soil erosion and degradation
climate change
genetic erosion/ species extinction (WWF) OFFICIAL DEFINITION:
the act of farming using
principles of ecology, the
study of relationships between
organisms and their
environment (USDA: NAL 2009) - use of sustainable agricultural methods eliminates use of harmful pesticides, water waste, and minimizes harmful genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
- sustainable agriculture has a positive impact on profitability of the industry through
elimination of pesticide cost
improved soil fertility
encouraging competitive markets (MSU) Sustainable Agriculture
in the US - US ranked last in global survey on sustainability (out of 17)
- France & Germany have ntl. programs for agricultural sustainability that address biggest problems in industry
- by 2020 both countries plan to have eliminated pesticide use in agriculture - success/ fail of sustainable agriculture is in our hands
- get educated by: Amina Khribeche
SPETZLER- Passage 1.

Methods of Sustainable
- Crop Rotation
- Cover Crops
- Soil Enrichment
- Natural Pest Predators
- Bio-sensitive Integrated Pest
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Profile to learn
Investigate the World
Recognize Perspective
Communicate Ideas
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