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No description

starr sackstein

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of grading

What's the point of it?
Main Idea
Grading is supposed to communicate learning?
Learning is about progress against standards
Mastery is achieved when students can access skills from one part of their learning and apply it to new tasks appropriately
What do grades actually mean? -
The subjectivity is overwhelming
Students learn better when we de-emphasize quantifying learning and teach students to talk about growth based on skills
Communication about learning
Consider your current stance on grading. What is the point of it? Who is responsible for it? What does it actually accomplish?

Please write for 2 minutes quietly
Communication about learning:

Consider the following:

Average example

What does it look like?

Can we all decide on the same thing?
How can mastery be assessed and communicated?

How can we use this conversation to improve the quality of student learning?
Shifting the mindset -

Is the status quo good enough?

Should it be?
Compliance - what actually factors into a grade?
- homework
- extra credit
- behavior
- lateness
- class participation
Resources to help you get started:

Here is our Facebook page, Teachers Throwing Out Grades:

Here is our Pinterest page:

Here is my Youtube channel:

In high school when we talk about report cards, we are tasked with
taking all the data we have collected and providing one grade that
is supposed to communicate how a child is doing, but students with
extremely different learning profiles can wind up with the same grade
ultimately rendering that grade meaningless...

How many different ways can a student be a "B" student?
What is included in that grade?
How much compliance waters it down?
If it's an average, how do you delineate between the highs and lows?
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