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My life


Kirby Edsill

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of My life

1999 When I was 5 my family moved from Missouri to Kansas. While I was still young, this stuck out to me because it really taught me that you need to just go with the flow. My dad got a really good job offer and obviously took it. Despite the fact that my family loved our home, friends, and didnt want to move, we still did. If something needs to happen or is going to happen either way, don't hold yourself back from what might happen and don't try to prevent what could be a good thing. It's so much easier to let things fall into place then put up a fight about it. 2001 Having to move because of my dads job again, I was definitly not excited about moving half way across the country. Giving up all of my friends for a second time to make new ones was not something i wanted to do. When we got to Pennsylvania, I quickly realized it wasn't half as bad as i expected it to be. The move taught me that you shouldn't make expectations for something when you have no clue what the turnout might be. If you assume the worst for something and it turns out better than you thought, you could have had a bad attitude in it. If you expect something to be so great and it turns out terrible, you feel so let down. March 11, 2009 Kirby
Edsill All of my sisters learned to water ski at such a young age, when i was in six and still couldn’t work up the nerve to try, i was extremely discouraged. But after hard work and practice for almost a month in the summer, i finally got it down for the most part. Learning to get past what other people accomplished first, I realized that it shouldn’t matter what other people achieve and when. You shouldn’t set your sites on something because somebody else does, you should be your own person and have your own goals on their own timeline. 2000 July 26, 1994 Ever since I was born, I have always had my three sisters to confide in and trust. Paula, Allix, and Sydney are the three closest people to me, and my best friends. They are always there for me and will never leave me when I need them most. Being raised with so many people to talk to and love, it showed me a huge lesson. Family should always come first, whether its sisters, brothers, cousins, or grandparents. Family will always be there for you and cant turn their backs on you. Knowing that has made my life gone better then it could have without them guiding me. 1994 When my oldest sister Paula and her husband tried for a child for almost four years, it practically seemed like it just wasn’t meant to happen. Then my family got the news that we would be aunts and grandparents, we were ecstatic. Joshua arrived and proved suspicions wrong, leading me to believe that you shouldn't give up on anything. Not only was heIf my sister and brother-in-law gave up, they wouldn’t have their child or another one due in September. If you stop trying at something you want, then chances are you wont reach your goal or get what you want in the end. 2009 After reaching an old age of 95, my whole family knew that my Great Grandma’s time was coming soon. Not only did her health start withering, but she finally gave up the battle on living in her house and moved to a assisted care home. When she died, instead of mourning for the life we will all miss, we celebrated. She had a long life and experienced so much that made our family proud, why dwell on the grieving and not celebrate. This event showed me that if something might not be that great, find something good in the situation and celebrate that.
January 12, 2010 When news of the devastating earthquake hit, not only were we sad for the lives lost and poverty worsened, we were extremely scared for our family. What started out as a mission trip with several people from our church including my mother and sister, ended in a natural disaster. After the 7.0 quake hit, quickly followed by an almost as bad aftershock, all phone signals and methods of contact were down for two days. The constant wonder if two of the most important people in my life were still alive was always on my mind. Two days after the earthquake, we got news that they were all alive and healthy. Not only did this event mark one of the scariest things i’ve been through, it also showed me that you need to hope for the best at all times, and you have to have faith that everything will be fine.
2004 After moving to Pennsylvania and getting settled in, I was being switched again. My parents decided to put me and one of my sisters into a private christian school up through middle school. I obviously had no choice in the matter, and for my 5th grade year started at a brand new school. After starting I quickly realized that it wasn’t too bad. The transfer made me realize that I should listen to my parents and people who know more than me. Even if it doesn’t seem like such a good idea at the time, they know better and just want the best for you.
earthquake: coming to an end: sisters: nephew: reaching goals: moving again: moving: new school:
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