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RGA Process (current)

Cross functional project pt 1

SSS Interns

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of RGA Process (current)

RGA Creation
Crediting the RGA
RGA Coordinator sends email to RGA inbox
Has been submitted, approved, and closed by this point

Get RGA info from SAP business objects

Pull PDF reports through extranet

Enter RGA Credit into JDE

Release Credits
The Returned Good Authorization (RGA) Process
A 25% restocking fee is applied, unless Stryker was the source of the error - then that fee is waived. Approval to waive a restocking fee must come from the Regional Manager level or above, the Sales Rep does not have the
to do this.
they do have the
to waive the restocking fee

Once the RGA has been submitted, the Sales Rep places the product into shipping boxes at the customers location

The RGA number is written on the outside of the box

The box is returned to either Lakeland or Phoenix depending on the product
Once the product is received it is placed in the RGA Quarantine case in the shipping warehouse

It is itemized through the extranet and entered into JDE

A data sheet is aggregated of the products

Quality inspects the products

Products are sent back to RDI and go through the reprocessing process again
Restocking Fees
Return Reason Codes that require a restocking fee:
Excess Inventory
OEM Conversion
Quality Complaints
What is a Returned Good Authorization?
Returned Goods
An appropriate party will create an RGA in the system
Account Manager / Regional Manager / Sales Representative, etc. or
Customer Care
Product is considered a returned good if customer does not claim any deficiencies or violations of their specs

An RGA should be filed immediately using a form found on the Extranet. It asks for information including:
Request Date
Return Reason Code
Short Explanation
Retrieving Facility
Product is considered a complaint if the customer alleges product deficiencies

Complaints are handled through the Quality Hotline

Three types
Non-returned credit
Quality complaint (scrapped)
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