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brezhane johnson

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of "DUKE UNIVERSITY"

DUKE UNIVERSITY! Duke Sports:) Requirements! understand the data analysis presented in the work.
students must take one of the following mathematics 112,or122,or statical science 210 or 340
introductry level undergraduate courses.
must take one of the major classes along with your classes.
fire psychology courses are required for the minor in psychology these courers must be required. ESTABLISHED: Durham,North Carolina 1838
with 12,800 students attending this school:) duke university chapel! The tuition to attend duke university is $60,588. different sports like:
volleyball This is Duke University recently in 2012. The Mascott of Duke! Duke UNiversity!! The founder of duke university! DUKE UNIVERSITY!!

Brezhan'e The flag of Duke University!
Go blue devils:) martin luther king brings
peace and love and duke
has that. Big and.... ... small Electives:) drama
earth and science
can all bring good careers:) duke has many pros, and cons Requirements:)
(b) At least one of the following:

Abnormal (PSY 105), Developmental (PSY 103), or Social (PSY 104).

No more than three of these courses will count towards the minor.

3. Upper Level Elective Course. You must complete at least one elective course numbered higher than PSY 106. (Note: Psychological Methodology (PSY 301) and Alcohol: Brain, Individual, Society (PSY 206) may also count toward this requirement. Each student will take Research Methods in Psychological Science (301), or one of the specialized research methods in the 301-315 series. Students are advised against enrolling in research methods prior to statistics. 83% go beyond their major to earn at least one more major, minor or certificate The curriculum reflects the university’s desire to prepare students for the challenging and rapidly changing global environment. The curriculum provides a liberal arts education engaging students in a wide variety of subjects: arts, literatures, performance, civilizations, natural sciences, quantitative studies and social sciences. It personalizes the learning experience for students while helping them understand the interdisciplinary approach to knowledge. duke chapel is where you can
practice your religion,or exchange your vowels. All Intramural sports offer leagues for both males and females; leagues and sports are not gender specific unless otherwise noted. During World War I, the Chasseurs Alpins—nicknamed "les Diables Bleus"—were well-known French soldiers. I am Intersted in becoming a pediatrician
because, I am intersted in little children.
Because my siblings and I we're pre-mature at
birth. Fun Facts about Duke: James Burchen was a big part to duke university(donated money in honor of his father)
Duke was a Quaker school in the town of Wake Forest, NC in 1841 under the name Union Institute Academy.
Named was changed from "Quaker" to Trinity college" The End
Hope You Liked It:)!
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