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Analysis of the tourism industry of Morocco Kingdom

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S.k. Wong

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Analysis of the tourism industry of Morocco Kingdom

Analysis of
the Tourism Industry
of Morocco Kingdom prepared by Group NO.1 The first one is those who are fond of history and exotic civilizations.

The second one is those who look forward to visiting distinctive north Africa natural scenery.

And the third one is those who want to experience leisure life. Destination’s Development Stage The hospitality and service level is not very high and have a lot to improve.

The security situation is still complicated and fluctuating. Nowadays, there is a demonstration about Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The lack of overall planning and scientific exploiting which lead to the scenic spots still in a superficial situation. Opportunities Morocco Kingdom Tourism Statistics Target customers Morocco kingdom, located in the North Africa, has a population of over 32 million and covered an area of 446,550 km² (710,850 km² with Western Sahara).

Because of the unique location , the country has a variety of different cultures and climates ,which appeal to the tourists from the whole world. Core Products: Actual Products: Augmented Products The combination of abundantly exotic civilizations . The distinctive north Africa natural scenery . The Atlantic Ocean Mountainous The Sahara Forests years 2011 2009 2007 2005 2003 2001 1999 1997 1995 1993 1991 million USD 1000000 2000000 3000000 4000000 5000000 6000000 7000000 9 546 397 7 407 617 5 843 377 4 761 271 2 259 990 1 823 448 2 274 814 8 354 671 1000 2000 3000 5000 8000 4000 6000 7000 1874 2620 2500 4200 7200 6500 7300 1270亿美元,居世界第 1570 1342 1529 1 723 501 1 520 631 1 208 324 8000000 9000000 tourists SWOT Analysis Mosques Royal Palaces Castles Medieval towns Leisure industry
are in the ascendant. Golf clubs Cruises Holiday villages Moroccan tourism industry is located in growth time , as the Moroccan tourism is increasing quickly and the beautiful country has been accepted by more and more tourists.

Base on another statistics, the yearly evolution of the classified hotel capacity (in number of beds), which rose from 97 001 in 2001 to over 187 000 in 2011. headed by hotel industries ,a growing number of tourism enterprises have attract by the benefits from Moroccan market. The promotional expenditures remain high. Owing to the fact that Morocco is a developing country , infrastructures still need paying attention to. Shuttle buses Currency exchange shops All kinds of hotels Restaurants Souvenir shops Passenger terminals Tour services Translation services Beautiful landscapes and a rich heritage of civilizations

Although Morocco is a Muslim country, but people there are welcoming and tolerant.

The location of Morocco is matchless,as the world’s richest areas —— Europe and Middle-east are closed to Morocco. Strengths Weaknesses East Asian counties reveal the powerful economic forces and it is a excellent chance to expand the market, especially China market.

Expanding domestic consumers tourism spending is feasible. More and more people are aware of that Morocco is a good destination for them. The tourism competition from neighboring countries.

Another is the terrorism and political developments .
Recent incidents such as the panicked detonation of a suicide bomber's vest in an internet cafe in April and the subsequent, albeit possibly unrelated, occurrences involving individuals with suicide belts.

The traditional sources——Europe and North America are involved by finacial crisis. Threats Located in Northern Africa, Morocco is a desert filled paradise where many like to retreat. Much like any country, it has a goal to lure in thousands of tourist each year to entertain. In order to help the economy of Morocco grow, the government must rely on visitors spending their well-earned income while simultaneously creating an image of beauty for the world. The end .
thank you Pricing Philosophy : Price skimming Price inelasticity —— High cost

Less substitutes —— Unique location

High promotion elasticity —— The potential needs are vast

Distinct market segmented base on price —— Target customers have high social status mostly Promotion channel selection Advertise in airplanes;
cooperate with outdoor companies;
advertise on Travel Magazines;
cooperate with local travel agencies;
produce websites
http://www.visitmorocco.com/index.php/eng/ We've learned a lot
through this project. Islam Mediterranean Europe Africa Key words:
Between midcentrics and allocentrics / Fulfillment needs And the government pays a lot of attention to the development of tourism industry,Policy like Vision 2020 endeavor to expand the investment and roundly optimize the developing environment. Because of the living standard of local residents being relatively backward and the deficiency of data, it is insignificant and no representative for us to concentrate on the quantity of domestic tourists.
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