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Halloween Presentation xx

No description

Freya Burns

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Halloween Presentation xx

Halloween What Is Halloween? Why Do We Celebrate It? However various traditions of singing, lighting candles, and rituals to ward off evil spirits or put the dead at peace evolved in several different cultures.
The commercialization of Halloween originated in North America and is to do with All Hallows Day. They would dress up as scary things to scare away the evil monsters and spirits. Halloween is the evening before All Saints' Day.
Another reason is because in the earlier times they had gatherings and would dress up in a costume. That was out of the country at that time, but when the immigrants came to this country they brought their culture, So that's how Halloween came about. For us it's just a day for to wear costumes and trick or treat for free candy.Well to celebrate Halloween you need a couple of friends around the house, some kids... get ready with the spookiest trick o treats and amazing Halloween games... and yes not to forget the scary Halloween costume! Halloween comes from a celebration long ago that the Celtics would celebrate, called All Hallows Eve, translated to All Saints Day, the festival where they'd bless & convert pagans. We call it 'Halloween' because 'Hallow' means saints, and '-een' (originally e'en) means Evening. All Hallows Eve, get it?We dress up honoring the Celtics, who would wear masks to scare away evil spirits & not have the demons identify them as humans. Almost everything has to do with this whole celebration.We even bob for apples simply to honor a fruit god that the Celtics honored. As for trick-or-treating, that dignifies how the spirits would visit Celtics homes disguised as people, in hopes of claiming a new soul. E.g. Trick, and treat is for the feast after the whole fiasco was over. Thank You For Watching! By Rosie Beasly, Tabby Bell And Freya Burns!
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