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Dill by-Hunter Lynn & Blake Nuckols

No description

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Dill by-Hunter Lynn & Blake Nuckols

Dill is a herb that provides a tangy addition to things like pickles,salad dressing,etc.
When to water
Due to dill having long roots, you only need to water the plant during a streach of dry weather.
How to grow from seeds
Scatter dill speeds about 1/4 deep and 18 inches apart in rich soil
Dill does not grow well when transplanted so start the seed fresh in the garden.
After 10-14 days, the plant should appear in the soil
What is dill used for
how much sunlight
With dill, the herb requirs full sunlight
What fertilizer
Liquid fertilizer is said to be used for the herb dill
What type of soil
With dill, you will need well-drained soil
What's the best temp.
The herb dill, is known to be heat sensitive so cooler temp. would be best.
How often should this herb be fertilized
With dill, you would need to fertilize weekly.
Dill by-Hunter Lynn & Blake Nuckols
How often should dill be cut
As soon as the herb has four to
five leaves, you can start cutting
What country
uses dill the
A lot of countrys use
this herb but England
and germany use it
the most
What is unique about this herb
What is unque about this plant is the seeds can be used as spices
Interesting facts about dill
Used a lot by the ancient Greeks and romans
It's used spread to central Europe by medieval times
Can dill be grown indoors
Yes. If grown indoors, it needs to be set by a window.
Recipe w/ dill
Deep fried dill pickles
Thanks for watching
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