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Shaderrica Mcm

No description

Nikki Alexandra

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Shaderrica Mcm

Short summary.
Lyddie needs a lot of money to go home in reunite with her family but she needed to pay off her debts.

Lyddie had got sick,she spent all her money at the hospital and was not able to pay off her debts.
She must work hard she must earn all the money to pay what they owned so she could be together with her family back on the farm
Topic 6
Lyddie is sad because she wants to make more money off her debts and reunite her family.
Even though there are reasons lyddie should sign the petition her decisions DON'T sign the petition is the right decision for her
Some would say lyddie would be foolish not to sign the petition she work hard ,the machines speeded up she's always working.
Lyddie doesn't need to sign the petition she may be paid more less.
If Lyddie sign the petition she wouldn't have a job,nowhere to go and no one would hire her.Lyddie is working very hard to pay off her debts. This shows that lyddie should not sign the petition because there may be harsh conditions.
In Katherine Peterson's novel Lyddie the main character faces difficult decisions. Lyddie didn't know whether to sign the petition or not.
Lyddie works at the mill in Lowell Massachusetts. Lyddie is there to pay off her debts and go home and live with her family.
At the mills the machines speeded up she was exhausted it was difficult for her. There was a petition going around about the machine going slower because the machines make them exhausted going fast.

Some would say Lyddie would be foolish if she didn't sign the petition. Lyddie shouldn't sign the petition because she could get blacklisted.
Blacklisted means no one would want to hire her. If Lyddie gets blacklisted she wouldn't have no where to go or live.
One of the reasons why Lyddie should not sign the petition is because no one would hire her. while Lyddie is thinking about whether she should or should not sign the petition.
In chapter 12 "Lyddie ,Amelia and Betsy were talking about the petition Lyddie meant to sign the petition but it was to late". This quote shows that Lyddie wanted to sign the petition but it was to late it's a good thing it was to late because she would have made a bad decision signing that petition.
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