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Jake Payan Prosthetics

Global Business Marketing Plan Presentation

Jake Payan

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Jake Payan Prosthetics

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli International Marketing Plan Jake Payan Prosthetics Executive Summary Non-profit organization
Operating In Libya
Provide prosthetic limbs to amputees in need
Normal state of living
Natural Resources

Current Marketing Situation Lingering Libyan Civil War
Around 10.5% of 6.5 million people affected by war
Availability to people regardless of salary
Soldiers and innocent bystanders
Marketing Environment Competition
Red Cross
International Medical Core Opportunities J.P.P is a non-profit organization, so competition is low. Problems Receiving enough funding. Marketing Objectives Design and build a home facility in the City of Sabha, Libya. Jake Payan
Chief Executive Officer Victor Buford
Chief Marketing Officer Nick Baker
Chief Operating Officer Justin Aldrich
Chief Financial Officer J.P. Prosthetics Politics
New Government Regulation
No regulations for non-profit Society
Striving for help Economic Conditions
Min. Wage of ($1,785)
Under dictator rule people were poverished Technology
Durable Plastics Funding our company will be fairly easy with a shared vision of our goal. Spread atrocities of Gaddafi rule to countries around the world. We have very good PR and can grow more and more to expand to other nations. Constant upkeep on Prosthetics (Damages done to the Prosthetics/wear and tear) Developing system of returning prosthetic limbs when children grow out of the proper size. Fundraising quickly enough to make a significant difference in our first couple years of business. Establishing correct method of judging the amount of money citizens can afford for a new prosthetic limb. Recruitment of volunteers and personal in the States and Libya. Good image/message – Advertising Make good relations with the people of Libya. Through continuous research and development, a cheap, well-constructed product can be issued for the people of Libya. Continual growth of J.P. Prosthetics in Libya as well as global growth. Target Marketing Strategies Product Price Promotion Distribution Action Programs Establish a facility in Sabha, Libya
Nick (COO) Establish workforce in Sabha, Libya
Justin (CFO) Fundraising
Victor (CMO) Cutting costs and researching universal prosthetic sizes
Jake (CEO) Financial Projections Sales Projection
Previous Year’s Sales $0
Current Year’s Fundraising/Donations/Sales Forecast $2,200,000
Cost Estimates
Total Fixed Cost
Salaries $500,000
Construction of Buildings $750,000
Average Variable Cost
Fundraising Expenses $200,000
Hourly Wages $100,000
Components from China $500,000
Finish Product $300,000
Rehabilitation $600,000
Employee Training $200,000
Projected Break Even Point $2,950,000
Projected Profit/Loss ($950,000)
Monitoring Procedures Examination of Libya
Monitoring will take place as various meetings
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"Hospital Beds (Per 10,000 Population)." - GlobalHealthFacts.org. U.S. Global Health Policy, n.d. Web. 28 Nov. 2012. <http://www.globalhealthfacts.org/data/topic/map.aspx?ind=78>.
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