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Making my Moodle

I'm a student teacher in my last year of my Masters of Teaching degree. For a uni assignment I was to create a Moodle site for a year 12 program I designed. This is a presentation about my experiences with making my moodle with screen shots & videos

Emily Button

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Making my Moodle

Creating my Let's recap... Reasons behind my Design Aims in my design:
Visually appealing CRAP principles
Organised logically
Easy to navigate
Short pages (no toilet roll effect)
Students to know where they are up to
Meaningful & relative activities
Engaging (not chunks of stagnant resources) Moodle Disadvantages Sounds great in theory

VERY time consuming

Not extremely user friendly or intuitive

Limited activities

Requires convoluted upgrades

Maximum 10MB uploads Moodle Advantages Grade Book

Students can access content 24/7 from anywhere

Everything all in one place

Can reduce printing


Assists blended learning Chunked content into Assignments

Use of the 'Show Only' button

Numerous links

Folders & 'Pages' of contents

Clean & tidy layout

Intuitive & logical Students can't SAVE their ticks Limited meaningful
activities Avoiding the 'Toilet Roll Effect' NO Excuses! Moodle 'Activities' Online Quizzes

Upload of Assignments

Discussion Forums

Databases Quiz question example Moodle 'Resources' Links to pages within moodle

Links to external sites

Videos (YouTube, Screen Captures, Prezi)


PDFs & Word documents National Professional Standards for Teachers 1.5 Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities

2.2 Content selection & organisation

2.6 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

3.2 Plan, structure & sequence learning programs

3.4 Select & use resources

4.5 Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically

5.2 Provide feedback to students on their learning

6.3 Engage with colleagues & improve practice Graduate Teacher Standards The Creation Process

Chunking into topics

Topic details

HEAPS of quizzes

HEAPS of activities

All resources at bottom

Chunking into assignments

PDF in 'Resources' folder

2 quizzes

Quizzes, databases, Forums

Embedded within the blocks

Toilet roll effect & too messy

Too text heavy

WAY too time consuming

Limited variety

Too disjointed Evaluation The Assignment

I worked at my own pace
I now understand the 'back end' of Moodle for the future

Was a very LARGE assignment, very time consuming
Not practically useful YET

I feel I've met my objectives & assessment requirements
Happy with the outcome
If time permitted, I could have added more activities + more Initial Ideas End Result Thoughts & Ideas TPACK What is Moodle?
An acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment
Online learning management system
first released in 2002

My Moodle context
Year 12 IPP (Information Processing & Publishing)
Based on a 20 credit subject
8 assignments as per LAP Moodle Layout Introduction to course & to me

8 assignment 'blocks'
Steps to follow
Resources folder
Online submission
Activities & links
image match assignment sheet Negatives Positives My Moodle Moodle layout & creation process

Activities & resources included

Avoiding toilet roll effect

Justified design & layout

Blended learning

Moodle advantages & disadvantages


AITSL graduate standards Thank you for listening! Blending
what we teach

how we teach

embedding technology

in meaningful ways Content Pedagogy Technology TPCK, 2006 All three factors are in complex relationships, not in isolation

Traditionally content drove decisions

Now technology drives decisions on content & pedagogy Pedagogical Strategies:
Preferred learning styles
Discourse (virtual school bag)
Prior knowledge Blended Learning VERY confusing term with numerous definition

Many terms involved lack clarity (ie. e-learning)

Technologies (such as Moodle) DON'T replace traditional teaching practice, but are to be used to complement traditional teaching practice

My understanding
face to face + online + differentiation + varied

What is ?

The layout of my Moodle

The combined features that form my Moodle course

The reasons behind my decisions (my pedagogy)

Evaluation of Moodle and of my course design

The AITSL standards reached Purpose of this Prezi stimulation
Full transcript