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Drama TPPP

My presentation for Drama class.

Gwen O-W

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Drama TPPP

Petra Quince Strasberg Sister Aloysius Got into of character using... emotions and emotional control character background look closer at dialogue implied action emotional memory implied emotion Observations mIdSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Doubt International Theatre Bollywood Set design and costumes important, as opposed to Machinal Characterization Minimal Set "As I play Sister Aloysius in this exercise, my emotions at the beginning of each scene is crucial." "We need to work on reactions with others on stage." Observing/Reaction Emotions were Negating "Negating makes [Improvs] considerably worse. "Listening and observing is encredibly important." Important for sensitivity to detail--good for detecting subtle emotions in Doubt LEE "The human being who acts is the human being who lives. That is a terrifying circumstance."
lee strasberg "Although the actor can do things in life quite easily, when he has to do the same thing on the stage under fictitious conditions he has difficulty because he is not equipped as a human being merely to playact at imitating life. He must somehow believe. He must somehow be able to convince himself of the rightness of what he is doing in order to do things fully on the stage." lee Strasberg
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