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12 Years a Slave Presentation

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on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of 12 Years a Slave Presentation

12 Years a Slave
There are many major and minor characters in
12 Years a Slave
Takes place in the deep south
Between 1840s and 1850s
Plot couldn't happen in any later setting
Physical setting causes some conflicts with nature
12 Years a Slave is a thorough, objective commentary on life as a slave viewed through the eyes of a captured black slave
Though the pacing is odd, the book is educational with an interesting setting
Plot Summary
A free black citizen from New York is captured and forced into slavery for 12 years until he is saved by an old friend
Plot Elements
Pace of the novel: Varies, important events are slow and unimportant events are covered quickly
Conflict: External between Northup and owners
Significant of Character Elements
Major Characters
Solomon Northup (Static):
Strong willed
Focused on freedom
Plays violin
Intelligent (Compared to other slaves)
Edwin Epps (Static): Traditional drunken abusive slave owner
William Ford (Static): The "good" master, is kind and fair to his slaves as well as a Christian minister
Epps vs Ford: Foils of each other due to Epps being "evil" and Ford being "good"
Minor Characters
Eliza (Dynamic): Meets Soloman in Virginia slave pen, she no longer has a reason to live after her children are sold to different owners
Patsey (Dynamic): One of Epps' slaves, always a high spirited, lively girl until she is physically and mentally broken by his whips
Tibeats (flat): Abusive owner before Epps, tried to kill Soloman
Theme: A person should not be held accountable for the beliefs imposed upon them by their culture just because those conditions offend oneself
Slave owners believe it's their right to own other humans based off the culture they've grown up with
Solomon understands this and tries not to judge them
Point of View
First person view
Allows reader to understand slavery from a slave's view
Lack of emotion compared to most autobiographies in a situation like this
Very objective
Tone and Mood
Tone is very factual, with slavery viewed in an objective way
The tone gives credibility due to the lack of bias
Mood is desperate and hopeless because of the bleak and sad setting Solomon is in most of the book
Deep and detailed account of slavery first-hand
Easy to understand
Humanizes characters, even when they are to be considered "evil"
Awkward flow of events
Spoils ending at the very beginning, distancing readers emotionally (could be purposeful for objectivity)
Bonus Kitty
(The kitten is free like Solomon at the end of the book. See? It connects)
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