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Max Ratliff

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Max Ratliff

Stock Market Project Coca-Cola was the first soda pop invented in the U.S Coca Cola was the first soda pop invented in the U.S Max Ratliff
Stock market
period 5 math Coca cola's first brand was
released in 1886! I chose Coca Cola because it is my favorite soda and
also because it is the most well known soda company
in the world Coca Cola Soda Company I chose sony because all my electronics are sony made such as, my PS3 and my T.V. Sony is also the one of the biggest electronics company in the world Coca Cola's first sale went to a school
Coca Cola's soda use to even contain a very small dose of cocaine to get more and more sales. Sony Electronics Sony was created in 1946!
Sony designs various electronics such as
Playstation 3/ Playstation Portable
High Definition T.V's
and even cameras The founder of Sony is Akio Morita (above) who created the company in 1946 in Japan. John Stith Pembert (above) founded Coca Cola
in 1886in Atlanta, Georgia. During the time that i bought my shares for Coca Cola, i gained a lot of money. Even though they started high they began to drop, and in the end coca cola was a decent investment but not the greatest. Coca cola was a very good investment because i ended with $413.82. Even though i gained a lot of money the earnings changed drastically and i earned over $855.36 at one point. even though i lost money but still gained a good amount i regret investing in the company because the stocks rose and fell too much. Sony's stocks are decent because they rose and fell. This is because at one point I made over $486.72 at one point but then it fell to $93.60 in a 2 day period. i regret investing in sony because i dont want to earn different amounts of money every week. My advice about investing in stocks is that if you want to earn money fast then pick a very well known company like sony or coca cola. Stocks are very tricky because you could lose or gain money at anytime, so invest in big companys if you want big money.
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