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No description

Alexandros Gkiokas

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of RAPP

European Demographics
Fertility rates decreasing due to socio-economical conditions [1]
European population is continuing to grow [2]
European population is ageing: longer living individuals, creating new challenges [3] for various sectors and Industries
Healthcare, Education & Long-Term care, are issues related to the aging population (Silver Economy)

Robotic Application Store
the Mobile App Paradigm
App stores have become the steam-engine of software development, sale and distribution generating multi-billion revenues for the store companies:
Apple store reported $10 billion for 2013
Google Play, is projecting $3.4 billion for 2014
G. Lanzieri, "Towards a ‘baby recession’ in Europe? Differential fertility trends during the economic crisis", Population & Social Conditions, Eurostat, 2013
M. Marcu, "Population grows in twenty EU Member States. Population change in Europe in 2010: first results", Population & Social Conditions, Eurostat, 2011
The 2009 Ageing Report - Economic and budgetary projections for the EU-27 Member States (2008-2060)
RAPP store
Currently Robotic App stores are in their infancy.

Few competitors exist, with little infrastructure & Robot support.

Our goal, is to become the predominant Retailer & Distributor of Robotic Apps.

We will also be providing to developers, easy and simple to use development tools.
Robot Market
Robots are an upcoming trend, in gaming, healthcare, tourism, hospitality, medicine, industry, military, etc.

Trend, dictated by Google [4], indicates that robots could be the next major technology to hit consumers by 2020.

Our goal, is to target the entire Robotics App Market, as it expands and progresses.
Assisting older people
Health & Activity Monitoring
Inclusion & Education
Accompanying & Entertainment
Current Consortium R&D focuses on Inclusion & Assisting users.
However, commercial exploitation of RAPP can be utilised for all Robotic Platforms & Areas.
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