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Effect of surface area and volume on the rate of diffusion

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Hana Jawz

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Effect of surface area and volume on the rate of diffusion

What is the Surface Area and Volume on the Rate of Diffusion
Research Question
What is the effect of surface area and volume on the rate of diffusion?
Independent Variable: The surface area of the cubes of agar
Dependent Variable: Rate of diffusion
Controlled variables:
The initial temperature of the samples
The concentration and amount of dilute hydrochloric solution

Diffusion is the process of which particles spread through regions of higher concentrations to regions of lower concentrations. The rate of diffusion is the measure of how fast the particles from a region of higher concentration diffuse into the region of lower concentration or the change of concentration over a period of time.
In this exercise, we measured diffusion into different sizes of cells represented by blocks of agar. The agar had been dyed pink but loses color in neutral and slightly acidic conditions. Most cells are small due to their interaction with the environment. Everything that enters a cell must do so through a cell surface which mostly happens by a process known as diffusion.

• To investigate the change in surface area to volume ratio with cell size.
• To investigate the effect of a change in the surface area to volume ratio on the rate of diffusion.
• Determine how surface area and volume relate to one another

If the size of the jelly is large, then the rate of diffusion will be lower. If the surface area of the cell increases, then the rate of diffusion will decrease.
Explaining the Hypothesis:
When you increase surface area and volume of a cube, the volume increases more rapidly than the surface area. This means that there is more volume for each unit of surface area. Therefore, it would take longer for substances to diffuse into the cell.
 Flat bottom tubes or beakers
 Distilled water
 Marker pen
 Safety glasses
 Ruler

 Scalpel
 Small beakers
 Dilute hydrochloric acid
 Stop watch
 Paper towel
 Agar plates prepared with sodium hydroxide

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