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Roshan Meeranazeer

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of The

Canada's Fishing Industry: Sustainable resource extraction
Fishing Industry Economic Importance
The Fishing Industry Social Importance
Canada's fishing industry provides food for millions of people.
Why we need to keep fishing?
We need to continue extracting this resource because if we stopped, it would have an immense impact on Canada's economical status. If we stopped fishing, many people would become unemployed. Furthermore, if we stopped extracting this resource we wouldn't be able to export this commodity and therefore, Canada would no longer be in a trade surplus. So we need to keep fishing so that we can keep our economical standard.
Issues facing this natural resource
There are many issues facing this natural resource. Overfishing is a major one because so many fish are caught that the population can't reproduce enough to replace them which could lead to the depletion of that specific fish population. Furthermore, although improved fishing technology has been developed to catch only a specific type of fish so that unwanted types aren't wasted, it also helps locate fish faster, causing all the fish in that area to be caught. Another problems is First Nations, the government allowed them to fish due to many purpose, fishing is also a main focus for them, so they are constantly fishing. The Sport fishing wants a bigger share of salmon as well. So the commercial fishing industry must reduce their catch due to the Aboriginal and Sport Fishing gaining greater shares of fish.
The importance of Fish as a natural resource
Fish is one of the most important natural resources in the world, it feeds billions of people. It is considered a renewable natural resource because they reproduce. When they are caught, they are replaced. However there are many factors that may deplete their population.
Canada has one of the most valuable commercial fishing industries contributing $2 billion to our economy's GDP. Canada's fishing industry is the eight largest fishing industry in the world. The fishing industry in Canada helped develop an annual trade surplus. Approximately 80,000 Canadians make their living directly from fishing and fishing related activities.

Sustainability of Fish
Our company's primary sustainable practice is Planning. Before we catch any fish, we make a management plan that includes important considerations for all aspects of the fishery. It outlines the biology and status of the fish stock, so we know what we are catching, and the rate that they spawn at so we know that they will be able to reproduce to replace the fish we caught, the total amount of fish that can be caught to keep the stock healthy and viable, and the share of the total catch that can be caught by license holders or the fishing fleet. It also sets out the rules for the fishery, such as when and where the fishing season can take place and what types of gear can be used because some gear harm fish, and some underdeveloped gear catch unwanted fish. This establishes the goals for the fishery. We collaborate with other stakeholders such as arvesters, fish farmers, and First Nations to make these plans.
Analysis Location
We analyze the location so that when we fish, we don't harm any natural habitats.
Environmentally friendly
We prevent using gear, and methods that harm the environment and the creatures living within it. This will help us sustain the industry for future generations.
A sustainable fishing industry
means that the harvesting and
farming of fish stocks is done in a
manner that meets the needs
of the present without compromising
the future generations to meet their
own needs. The principles of sustainable development maintain that environmental, economic, and social issues are interconnected and must be included in the process to sustainability.

Extracting this natural resource
To extract this resource we need to fish. Commercial fishing uses many different methods to effectively catch a large variety of species including large nets, pole and line, fishing with single lines, and traps or pots. Sustainability of fisheries is improved by using specific equipment that eliminates or minimizes catching non-targeted species.
This video demonstrates some of the fishing methods used. It also shows some of the developed technology used for sustainable fishing. They used nets that catch specific fish so unwanted fish would'nt be thrown away if they caugh them, and if they did, they used revival tanks or just threw them back in the water.
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