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No description

Madeleine Student

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of krakatoa

KRAKATOA Even More - waves believed to be 120 ft.
- woke up people in South Austrila
- it affected world weather
- blew 13,000 times as an Atomic Bomb Krakatoa

made by:
John Pennick When it erupted
it burned nearby
Islands and
burned millions. When it erupted
it blew 13,000 times
the size of an atomic
bomb! But for
some odd
reason when
it erupted
in 18883
struck the volcano. Bibliography
-www.thinkquest.org - is protected
- founded a national
- has been for 44 yrs.
- born in the year 1583
- was born as a hot spot
- Caused a super tsunami
- Is 545 ft. tall
- Located in Indonesia
- killed 5,345 people
- spit up 80 km of ash in the air
- Erupted in August
- destroyed 3/4 of land Facts This Prezi
was brought to you and part by :

John Pennick
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