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Artist Studies

No description

Prianka Patel

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Artist Studies

Artist Studies The Singh Twins Inkquisitive illustration Amandeep Singh a.k.a 'inkquisitive' was born on the 31 of July 1986, he is 26 and he lives in London. He is a Graphic illustrator; the materials he uses are ink, fine liner, water colours and printing and sometimes pencils and charcoal.

Quote: "Creativity takes courage. It’s a very special moment seeking a piece of art form from a single pencil mark on a paper to a final, hanging up and being displayed for the world to see".
The message in his work is for him to connect with his work and bring it life.

Some of his work is not commissioned he does the work then sells then or does a competition, however some of his work is commissioned like for the Asian channels and programmes. He promotes his work on Twitter and Facebook also his friends promotes his work such as Lilly Singh a.k.a IISuperwomanII who is well known on YouTube.

I really like his work because it is very bold and stands out because he using inks and bright colours also because he makes it his own by having his own style. I have used some of his techniques when drawing from observation of fruit by using inks (Brusho).

I think I connect with his work because he is Indian also because I like his style of his work being bold, simple but affective and most of the work he does is to do with his culture of being a Sikh. Overall I think his work is excellent and that he should carry on doing art.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Inkquisitive
Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/InkquisitiveIllustration
Amandeep Singh Drake Drake Joker Ganesh Taj Mahal Self Portrait Gurdwara Amrit and Rabindra are twin sisters they were born in 1966 in London, they are about 46 or 47 years old, age is not know exactly. They specialize in Indian minutes with moderns twist, the materials they use is paint to create the detail piece of work. When they first ever visited India in 1980 they were intrigued by the Indian miniature painting tradition because of all the small detail, technical skill and the level of perfection that is displayed by this traditional art from.
Quote: “Our work bridges many worlds, the ancient and the modern; fusing both Western and Eastern aesthetic elements … using an ancient art form to deal with contemporary issues. Our aim is to introduce wider audiences to the beauty, richness and continuing value of our heritage within contemporary art and society.”
The message of their work is challenge existing stereotypes and redefining generally accepted, narrow perceptions of heritage and identity in art and society by combining elements from Western and Eastern aesthetics. Some of the work was commissioned like in 2002 they were appointed official Artists in Residence to the Manchester Commonwealth Games. Also there work has toured the work like the USA and Canada. They sell and promote their work on their website http://www.singhtwins.co.uk/.

I really like how they work in a team to do all the art work also I like the way they make it their own by doing the Indian miniatures with a modern twist also I like how they do all the detail. I haven’t used similar techniques but I am interested to try and have a go to do Indian miniatures. I think I connect to the work because it is in the style from my country and it holds a lot of history in the work, overall I think the work is exquisite because I really like it how they do all the fine little detail and I like how they work in a team.

Their website: http://www.singhtwins.co.uk/.
Liverpool 800 Nineteen Eighty-Four Battle of the Giants From Zero to Hero The Pool of Life Marilyn Monroe Diana By Prianka Patel Amrit and Rabindra
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