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Solar System

No description

Matthew Goodboy

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Solar System

Solar System
Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System. It is hot and cold.The daytime temperature is 430 celsius hot and the nightime temperature is -180 celsius cold. The diameter is 4878 km. The distance mercury is from the sun is 28,050,000 diameter.
Venus is the brightest object in the sky, and the 6th largest planet. Venus weighs 10% less than earth. 1 day on Venus equals to 243 earth days. Venus's temperature is 500 degrees celsius and hotter than Mercury.Venus is 67,237,910 miles from the sun.
Earth's coldest temperature is -50 celsius and hottest 60 celsius. Earth has everything just right and the diameter is about 12000 km.It is the 5th largest planet in our solar system.The earth is 94,509,130 miles from the sun.
Mars is covered in ironoxide.Scientist think that Mars had living things long time ago but actually it has no living things that lives on Mars. Mars had two moons Phobos and Demious. 227,900,000 km from the sun.
Asteroid Belt
The asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid belt has hundreds of thousands of asteroids between the two planets.
Jupiter is the biggest planet. It is a gas giant that means you can not stand on it. You will weigh more at Jupiter than earth, because the gravity pulls you down to the ground. Jupiters red stot it caused by the hurricane or a storm.Jupiter has 3 layers of rings.Jupiter is 483.78 million miles from the Sun.Jupiter is 483.78 million miles from the Sun.
Saturn's rings are made of dirt and ice it is like a dirty snowball. Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system. it is a gas giant like Jupiter. Saturn's ring has eight layers if you count the Cassini Division it will be nine. Saturn has about 60 moons and the biggest one is Titan. Saturn is 891 million miles from the sun.
Uranus is a gas giant and Uranus has a different way of spinning the rings it spins it diagonally. It has 3 layers of rings on Uranus. It is the 3rd biggest planet in the solar System.Uranus has about 30 moons.Uranus is 1.79 billion miles away from the sun .
Neptune is the fourth biggest planet there is. Neptune has 6 layer of rings Neptune is very cold and is tone of the gas giants.Neptune is 50 times bigger than Earth.Neptune is 2,829,691,160 miles from the Sun.
The sun is 1,000,000 times bigger than earth.The suns core is 14,000,000 celsius. The sun is about 5,000,000,000 years old and it will keep shining about 5,000,000,000 celsius.The suns sunspot has a cycle of 11 years.When the sun dies the sun will expand it's length to Earth and the sun will become a red giant instead of a normal star and the outer layers of the sun will create a nebula.
Facts of sun
This website tells us the scale of the universe
How the sun effect earth
If there is no sun the earth have no life, because for us and other living things right now they needed the right temperature to have life on earth. And the distance from the earth to the sun is perfect, because if we live in Venus, it will be too hot and if we live in Neptune it will be too cold. The sun have the time too, because the sun creates years.If there is no sun Earth will have nothing to orbit.The sun gives sunlight grow crops and trees. When the Sun's heat reaches Earth, some of the heat of the sun will bounce of the earth's atmosphere so it has an advantage.The sun gives sunlight so people can look in earth.The sun also creates night light because it gives light to the moon then at night the moon gives light to us at night. Jupiter and Saturn turn also effect us by blocking the comets that are approaching the planet.
A rap about the sun
resources used:
2. Brainpop.com
Do you know?
The sun is 1.4million km (870,000 miles)
If you weigh 40kg on earth,on the sun you weigh 1120kg
vy canis majoris
is the largest star.
you are chummy
How Mercury affects Us?
Mercury controls the left side of our brain.
If it spins backwards our left side of the brain will think backwards.
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