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Steve Jobs

Timeline of Steve Jobs

Raymond Lee

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955 Steve Paul Jobs is born 1960s Young Jobs didn't care about school until he went to grade 4
He was bribed with candy and $5 bills from his teacher
He liked the bribery and finally admitted that school isn't that bad Crittenden Middle School., where Steve Jobs went Steve Jobs went to Crittenden Middle School
Unfortunately he was builled in middle school
Later he went to Homestead High School and took popular electornics class All these experiences inspired Steve to think in a different and creative way than his parents.
Steve dreamed of being a innovative person who can change the world.
Because he was bullied as a child, he developed a sense of independence and strategy for survival 1974 In 1974, Steve got a job at Atari
Later, he visited India in search of enlightenment, but he returned disappointed.
However, this became a turning point of his life as this helped him realize an important fact 1976 Apple Inc was incorporated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne 1978 Jobs had a daughter as his ex-girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl. She is named 'Lisa'

However, young Steve was not ready to admit that he is a father or a head of household... Early 1980s "A is for Apple!" " Thomas Edison did a lot more to improve the world than Karl Marx and Neem Karoli Baba (the guru he was seeking, who died before they could meet) put together" Late 1980s Sparkling!
Astonishing! Early 1980s was years of Steve Jobs. He became the most astonishing man in Silicon Valley.
Also, Macintosh was introduced at Apple's annual shareholder meeting. During his childhood, Steve Jobs was influenced by the hippie peace movement of 60s. These influences motivated Jobs to be more revolutionary and to think outside of the box.
Also his trip to India in the 1970s inspired his beliefs that technology has more power than religious ideologies. At the time Lisa was born, Steve Jobs was very irresponsible person. This is the result of the fact that he was adopted as a baby and learned to distrust parent-child relationships. Although he achieved astonishing fame in early 80s, it was also a turning point in Jobs' life as he was fired from Apple in 1985.
His strong sense of independence developed in his childhood helped Jobs to move on to next stage in his life, which was buying 'Pixar'. Steve Jobs purchased 'NeXT', which was later sold to Apple which motivated Apple to hire him back. Also, he bought 'Pixar', which later triggered a huge sensation in the animation market. 1990s This year was the beginning of a legend of Apple Bearing up under an adversity, That is Steve Jobs The Era of Regeneration The Steve Jobs Returns The 90s was the best time of Steve Jobs’ life. He married Laurene Powel, achieved great success with ‘Toy Story’, became President & CEO of Pixar Animation Studios. He sold NeXT to Apple for $400 million, and finally he became an interim CEO of Apple. The creativity that Jobs developed in 60s prompted Apple to rehire him as they were very short on creative ideas. Apple Inc saw the successes that Jobs had with ‘Toy Story’ and ‘NeXT’ and finally realized that he was a very talented businessman. They also saw him as the messiah to save Apple from a desperate situation.
After Apple rehired Jobs, he had astonishing successes with iMac, iMovie, and iBook. 2000s Start the New millennium with 'i's For Apple, 2000s can be summarized three 'i's. In 2000, Steve Jobs officially became CEO of Apple. In 2001, Jobs introduced the first iPod to the world. This revolutionized the music industry, which connects iTunes-iPod-Customers. In 2007, the most innovative device that world never experienced before was introduced. That was the first iPhone. He also introduced iPod Touch, and Apple TV. In 2010, Jobs introduced the iPad to the world of technology. The advent of the iPad was a catalyst for the shift from computer-based-society to tablet-based-society. iPod iTunes Customers Music Industry Revolution iPod-iTunes-Customers "iPhone, This changes everything" 2011 The End of a Legend 2011 was an unforgettable year for Apple’s fans. In 2011, Jobs finally resigned his position as CEO of Apple Inc as a result of his bad health. Later that year, on October 5th, 2011, Steve Jobs died of cancer. Jobs had a profound influence on not only the world of technology but also on the rest of the world. He was a symbol of Silicon Valley, was a successful entrepreneur, and was a model of perseverance. Steve Jobs achieved three major bench marks in his life.

First of all, he introduced iPod and iTunes which reconstructed the world’s music industry. Secondly, he introduced iPhone, known as the world’s first smartphone which triggered the use of smartphones. Finally, he introduced iPad to the world, which shifted the computer-based-world to the table-based-world. Steve Jobs was not only influenced by his environment but had a profound influence on his environment as well. Not only influenced by his environment, but had a profound influence on his environment Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish Create a Sensation with Toy Story Become CEO of Pixar Back to Apple!! Tablet-Based-Society Computer-Based-Society A Shift from Computer to Tablet iPad is changing the society 1960s - Early 1970s
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