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Henry David Thoreau: 1817-1862

No description

Zach Hamer

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Henry David Thoreau: 1817-1862

Civil Disobedience
This experience inspired one of his most important works, "Civil Disobedience."
Unappreciated by most, has now become a seminal political work
Has inspired numerous activists and those who work for change, such as:
Henry David Thoreau: 1817-1862
Born July 12, 1817, in Concord, Mass.
Modest family
Began writing at age ten
Taught at the Center School in Concord, same school he went to.
Resigned from his job after told to corporally punish a student.
Began attending Transcendentalist discussions at the home of Emerson, who became his mentor.
Moved with Emerson to New York, wrote and edited with him there, tutored his childen
In Manhattan met abolitionists and became dedicated to the cause.
Moving Back Home
Moved back to Concord in 1844
Dedicated much of his time to lecturing, writing, and advocating abolition.
Helped shelter runaway slaves from the south.
Jail Time
Refused to pay a poll tax
Did not pay in protest of money being used to support slavery and Mexican-American war, which spread slavery
Briefly imprisoned for refusing to pay.
Memorized portions of Shakespeare, the Bible, and other famous works and authors while studying in school.
Attended lectures of subjects that interested and entertained him.
Wandered through forest and countryside to explore and learn on his own.
Went to Harvard in 1833.
The Cabin on Walden Pond
In 1846, Thoreau built a small cabin on the edge of Walden Pond on land owned by Emerson
He planned on running an experiment to examine a simplified life more in tune with the natural world
He lived and wrote there for two years, producing the book now called Walden, an American classic.
The Walden Cabin
My Own Private Walden
Imagine you are completing a similar experiment.
Sections: List of Provisions, Description of Housing, Plan, Goal of Experiment, Mock "Journal"
Provisions is only a list. Every other section should be in paragraph form. Journal should be a few paragraphs.
Colored illustration of dwelling.
Provisions: List what you will bring.
Description of housing: Describe how you will build housing and what it will look like
Plan: What is your survival plan? What will your schedule be like?
Goal: What is your personal goal for doing this and why?
Mock Journal: Write a few days worth of journal entries.
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