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Robert Kiyosaki

No description

Skyler Williams

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Robert Kiyosaki

Work Experience
Status Update
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The school system was created to turn entrepreneurs into employees. What I do is turn employees back into entrepreneurs.
Investor, author, and motivational speaker
Founder of Cashflow Technologies inc. and Rich Dad company
Active realestate investor
Best selling author
Owner of a Gold mine in China
Owner of a Silver mine in South America
Owns a number of oil drilling operations and oil wells within the US

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Making money
Pretty women
Making money and spending time with pretty women
Educating people
New projects
Meeting new interesting people
Living life to the fullest
Born in Hilo, Hawii
Studied at Hilo High School
Veteran of the Vietnam War
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Robert Kiyosaki
Skyler Ro Williams
Kim and I at the Rugby World Cup game- Argentina vs Australia outside London #richdad

SSSHHH! I’m going to share my biggest secret to success during this online event! Join Kim and me for this personal online event where we will answer questions from around the world. Register today FREE. http://bit.ly/1RP0rWQ.
Gradutaed as a deck officer from the United States Merchant Marine Company
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