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Technology Prezi (12-13)

No description

Joshua Towner

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Technology Prezi (12-13)

Tagxedo Good Bad What I Learned Animoto ePals CONFU Cyberbullying Good Bad What I Learned Good Bad What I Learned Good Bad What I Learned Good Bad What I Learned I found that this project allowed me to make an image made of words, a thing that I had previously pondered on how to do. I can now use this tool to make any symbolic image I need! Unfortunately, I found not only that the image creator was in beta, but once released would have Pro-only features, limiting those looking for a free alternative. I learned how to:

- Create a "Tagzedo"
- Use Tagzedo to "tagify" certain templates
- Use Tagzedo with text
- Use Tagzedo with images other than the templates The Animoto creator is easy to use and can be free! It allows you to make unique and professional slideshows with ease. Animoto videos are limited to 30 seconds (when using the free version), with a constant pestering of buying Premium and Pro. It also has some limited useability with regard to templates, again requring a subscription I learned how to:

- Use Animoto's free version to make videos up to 30 seconds
- Use Animoto to make a photo slideshow
- Add videos to my Animoto.
- Add music to my Animoto
- Use a theme in Animoto I enjoyed communicating with people not on my continent, and Keynote skills have become essential in almost every class. The ePals did not respond I learned how to:

- Use Keynote to make presentations

- Use the ePals website to
| Send letters to overseas visitors
| Send other kinds of files via their website
| Receive files from the ePals website I now know what I can and can't use when doing a report and how to cite them properly The new implications limited my resources now knowing I can't use things I have previously I learned all CONFU guidelines and how to work together in a group to make a poster (more of a 'building' on this skill. I learned about the dangers of cyberbullying and how to help prevent it. The group-video was done last minute due to lack of time I learned how to:
- Be respectful on the web
- Use the animation software named "PowToon"
- Collaborate in a group to discover the features of this tool and use it to make a video, with the subject being cyberbullying Cards to Codes Good I now not only know how to use QR codes properly but I also know how to make cards using apps on the iPad! Bad The card apps are not very user-friendly and are limited, often with them begging for you to buy the "Pro" version What I Learned I learned how to:
- Use apps on the iPad to make a card, to a fair extent
- Make and print QR codes
- Scan QR codes using a reader app on a mobile device Voicethread Searching with... Infographics Blogging Good Bad What I Learned I used the Voicethread tool
and now know how to use
it for other subjects. The iOS app was not
user- friendly I learned how to:
- Use the Voicethread website
- create a voicethread
- add media to te voicethread Good Bad What I Learned I now can use an
everday tool better Nothing in the
lesson was new
to me I learned how to:
- Search more efficently
- Use CTRL+F Good Bad What I Learned I am able to now
make an infograhic
for whatever purpose There are many ways
to make them, different
websites, etc. There isnt
just one clear way. I learned how to:

- Use the infogr.am website
- Collect data for an infographic
- Design and produce an
infographic Good Bad What I Learned I was able to use
a topic of my choice
and discover and write
about it. Blogger did not
respond properly
sometimes and is
not user-friendly I learned how to:
- Use the Blogger website
- make a blog using Blogger
- Insert media and HTML
into the blog. The Big Question: How has the knowledge of the technology tools you have used this year supported communication, collaboration, productivity and life long learning? The tools I have used have supported
communication, especially with the
ePals project, communicating with
people overseas. The many group projects
have also intertwined collaboration
into this year's lessons, especially CONFU
and the cyberbullying videos. Out of
anything, these videos support productivity.
I can now use any of these lessons in
numerous other classes. They also support
lifelong learning, with being able to even
learn more through the things already taight.
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