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Toyota re-call case

Faten Elchami

on 4 December 2010

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Transcript of Comm351

Toyota Re-Call Case Founder,
kiichiro Toyoda won several award for performance Joint Venture with GM,named it
New united motor manufacturing,Inc Toyota helping people
source:eveningsun,2010 became known worldwide More than 40 deaths occurred due to Toyota’s vehicle problems. Video based on Toyotas acceleration problems. Many Toyota owners complained that the car accelerated up to 100 miles per hour even after the removing the floor mats from the vehicles

Toyota had to recall approx 8 million vehicles
Loss of $2 billion & a loss of 4-5% of its market
US Government imposed a fine of $16.4 million, largest fine ever for an automobile maker Floor mat & Accelerator issue Ford and Firestone's emerge Firestone didn't design
the explorer tire properly many accidents,
no one to blame. most of the accidents were rollover cars, since the tire used to explode most of the times. source: MSP Communications,2010 Toyoda's tears.
Star Safety System consists of:

1- Vehicle Stability Control

2-Traction Control (TRAC)

3-Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

4-Electronic Break-Force Distribution (EBD)

5-Break Assist (BA)
Toyota Disaster-> Opportunity Hyundai and Kia produced near-toyota quality
Mention Toyota in their advertisements
Hybrid Cars On January 21, 53% believed that the current recalls would not influence purchasing a Toyota in the future. On February 1, after media coverage. 53% the current recalls would not influence their decision.”
Seiichi (Sean) Sudo, president of Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing in North America “Our competitors are jealous of our success." will never equal 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Every corporate take responsibility of their actions Done By: Faten El Chami
Arfa Jabbar
Ali Kadhum
Shaza Robert 3748649
3206373 3739351 3541940
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