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The Hunger Games

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Ski Azc

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games
By: Suzanne Collins
Prezi By: Samah Alam, Isabella Cotoia, and Kaylyn Zayat
The Hunger Games takes place in a barbarous arena filled with tributes that are piled high with bloodlust, despair, and hopelessness. Meanwhile the meager tributes who have trained their entire being to adapt to the games feel confident yet discontented, seeing too many weaklings they can easily pick off. The arena in the 74th hunger games is located in a densely wooded forest. With wildlife roaming around the grassy premises it makes for dangerous predators, yet easy hunting opportunity. In the center of the arena lies a cornucopia shaped from gold, first filled with supplies and weapons for the tributes. Around the arena are various areas of streams and other water bodies. The arena is placed in the capitol of what used to be North America, now Panem. In Panem there are 13 districts, the 13th supposedly destroyed by the capitol. While the games commence, with 2 genders from each district fighting to the death, the citizens of the tributes' former districts are either crying in despair or cheering for their loved ones. The Capitol's citizens cheer and bid in their flamboyant, colorful wigs and clothing, both for bloodbath and victor. The Capitol's people also will sponsor a tribute if they're in dire need of help, and are worth the startlingly expensive price of sponsor gifts.
Main Theme> Survival
> The main theme of the hunger games would be survival because throughout the book Katniss is always trying to survive, from feeding her family when her father died to when she's in the arena, killing and trying to survive.

Underlying Themes
> Risk- We think this is an underlying theme because throughout the book Katniss is always taking risks from cutting the tracker jacker (venomous wasps) nest to following Cato away from the dangerous mutts.

>Chaos and Order- We think this is an underlying theme because the Gamemakers are controlling all of the chaos of the Games and the Capitol is ordering the districts to participate in the Games and give them supplies along with Peacekeepers.

>Death-inevitable or tragedy- We think this is an underlying theme because some tributes weren't strong or skilled enough to fight the others from the beginning, resulting in their death.

Character Analysis
Traits: Brave, loving, caring, confused, cold personality, tough, thick-skinned, courageous, intelligent, resourceful, squeamish
Behaviors: distrustful towards others, not sociable, has a soft spot for children, doesn't forgive others easily, doesn't like having debt to others
Others reaction to Katniss:
Peeta-Is in love with Katniss
Gale-Is Katniss' best friend and has a crush on her
Prim-Katniss' sister and cares about her deeply
Rue-Katniss' ally in the Games and looks up to her
Traits: Sweet, funny, sarcastic, sassy, brave, creative, artistic, hopeless romantic, charming
Behaviors: head over heels for Katniss Everdeen, charms the Capital audience, protects Katniss, bakes
Others react to Peeta:
Katniss- At first she doesn't trust him but as time moves on she realizes that she's slowly falling in love with him
Haymitch- Believes that Katniss has a better chance at winning the Games
Plot & Conflict
Katniss wakes up in a vicious day, the day of the reaping. The reaping is when 2 genders from each of the 12 districts are chosen to fight to the death in an arena. Katniss and her sister Prim are obligated to attend the reaping because of their age. Prim's name is called and Katniss selflessly volunteers for her, therefore taking her place. Peeta's -another boy in the district- name is also called in for the reaping and no one volunteers. Katniss and Peeta then travel to the Capitol which is the center and most wealthy district of Panem. Katniss and Peeta make a fiery entrance at the Capitols chariot event and Katniss makes herself known as "the girl who was on fire". Katniss and Peeta then travel to the training center to train and prepare for The Hunger Games and are faced with the 22 other tributes they're competing against. All the tributes are interviewed by Caeser Flickerman, catching the attention of some sponsers. Finally its time for Katniss and Peeta to arise into the Games. While wandering Katniss faces the Careers and is chased into a tree. The Careers guard the tree overnight and Rue, another tribute, hints to Katniss there is a Tracker Jacker (venomous wasps) nest above her. Katniss cuts down the Tracker Jacker nest therefore driving away and killing some Careers. Katniss collects a bow and quiver of arrows from one of the deceased Careers. Later in the Games Rue and Kaniss become allies. During a plan to destroy the Careers food supply Rue dies which motivates Katniss to win the Games. Suddenly Claudius Templesmith announces there will be a rule change in the Games. All tributes can now win and return home with their former district member. Katniss immediately seeks out Peeta and finds him near a stream severely injured. Katniss and Peeta move to a nearby cave where they try to heal his wounds. Claudius Templesmith's voice booms through the arena once again as he anounces there wil be a feast at the cornucopia. Peeta forbids Katniss from going knowing the competing tributes will be there, ready to attack.
Katniss is at a loss with Peeta when she gets a sponsor gift of sleeping medicine. She immediately understands what she must do. Katniss slips the sleeping medicine into Peeta's food which allowed her to go to the feast. When the feast begins Katniss finds, not food but bags with the remaining tributes district numbers. After a vicious fight with Clove, Katniss finally gets the medicine, to Peeta to which he miraculously recovers a great amount. Katniss and Peeta realize that this is the end of the Games and while they are roaming the grounds of the arena, a pack of dangerous, bloodthirsty mutts started to chase them towards the cornucopia. On top on the cornucopia Cato begins to fight Katniss and Peeta. Eventually Katniss shoots Cato off of the cornucopia and into the grim death of being eaten alive by the mutts. After the Capitol taking back their word on the new rule Katniss and Peeta attempt a double suicide with nightlock berries. The Capitol gives in and lets the duo win the Games together. After exiting the arena Katniss and Peeta are interviewed once again before Katniss is informed that they are in trouble with the Capitol for making a mockery of The Hunger Games.

Conflict & Resolution
: The conflict of The Hunger Games is Katniss gets sent to fight to the death along with 23 other tributes.
> Resolution:
The resolution of The Hunger Games is Katniss and Peeta survive the Games and are going home

Connections and Reflections
Connection 1:Our first connection would be when I get picked for something I may not want to do, like when Katniss and Peeta get picked to be a tribute in the Games.
Connection 2:Our next connection would be how our military fight for our country like how Katniss and Peeta are chosen to survive and fight for their district.
Connection 3: I can connect Simon from The Mortal Instruments to Peeta because Simon loves and protects Clary like how Peeta loves and protects Katniss. Also because they both have a sweet and shy personality.
> Samah: The lesson I learned from The Hunger Games was to persevere and never give up. Katniss and Peeta faced difficult challenges throughout the Games like pretending to love each other and getting bruises, cuts, and blood marks. They faced these challenges with high expectations.

> Bella: The lesson I learned from The Hunger Games was being true to yourself because throughout the book Katniss was always being herself because she didn't know how to act like anyone else, and because of this she was able to get sponsors even though she didn't think she would because she thought that she was forgettable.

> Kaylyn: The lesson I learned from The Hunger Games was to be brave because even though Katniss was fearful, she kept moving forward to the end and was one of the last tributes to survive.
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> Music:
-Elastic Heart- Sia
-Tomorrow Will Be Kinder- The Secret Sisters
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>The Reaping
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