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Empower Tomorrow

No description

Kristen Stone

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Empower Tomorrow

No exposure to Bitcoin Volatility

Lowest fees in the market

No Cost
Offline back-ups, two-factor authentication, fully encrypted

Committed to


merchant tools

Continuously offering new,
innovative options

Trusted by over
Coinbase is the
company to offer

consumer wallets and merchant services

you to
1.4 Million
of our users
Coinbase consumer wallets continue to increase

business can be done through us
Buying/Selling Bitcoins
Securely storing Bitcoins
Accepting Bitcoins
No Risk
Low Cost
Why accept Bitcoin?
Why partner with Coinbase?
Partner with Coinbase to accept Bitcoin and empower your tomorrow by:
Reducing Risk
Reducing Costs
Increasing Sales
Empower Tomorrow
Let's enhance our future
No Chargebacks

No Foreign Exchange Rate Risk

No Risk of Security Breach

Credit Cards*
Transaction Fee:
2 - 3%
*Plastic cards account for 66% of all transactions
3o minutes &
Instant online sign-up
3-5 day application process
& Multiple Documentations
Additional 2 % - 3%
Foreign Exchange Fee:
Start-up cost:
$300 - $1,200
Ease of Start -up:
1% or less
Bitcoin transactions are final; once processed they are distributed to the network and cannot be reversed
Customer chargebacks cost retailers $10- 13 billion in the U.S. each year
Bitcoin is a global currency
All users accept the same rate regardless of the country
Generate Publicity

Expand your Market and Increase your Sales

Potential press releases for being an early adopter
Publication on Bitcoin websites (including ours!)
Reach new customers in the Bitcoin community

Overstock reports receiving $20-$30K / day in Bitcoin payments
Opens your business to consumers in Argentina, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan or Ukraine
Reach global consumers in countries without stable currencies
Transactions are not tied to personal data
No possibility of privacy breaches like Target or eBay
You receive the exact amount of the
local currency you price your products at
0% transaction fee for the first $1,000,000
0% transaction fee if you keep your money in Bitcoin
1% transaction fee (after first $1M) to move into USD
Recurring payments, micro transactions, and discount buttons

Takes about 30 minutes; no technology background needed
Methods to accept Bitcoin: Website / Blog, eCommerce store, In-person, E-mail invoices
Transactions are confirmed
by the peer-to-peer network.
Less overhead = Lower Fees

Bitcoin is a global currency and can be used in every country
Internet access is
all you need
As easy as creating an e-mail account
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