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Copy of Subject/Verb Agreement

A quick review of subject/verb agreement to be used in a grammar mini lesson for ninth grade students.

Alicia Stritenberger

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Subject/Verb Agreement


Agreement What's a subject? What's a verb? A subject is the person, place or thing that is doing or being something. A verb expresses an action or a state of being. A sentence must have a subject AND a verb to be a sentence. ERROR! "That's how he do it." "That's how he does it." "She don't know what's up." Where you be? She doesn't know what's up. Where are you? Singular Plural When two or more nouns or pronouns are connected by OR or NOR, use a singular verb. The book or the pen is in the drawer. He doesn't write. The dog doesn't run. They don't run. The students don't play well with others. Sometimes you have to think about the subject before you can tell who or what the sentence is truely about. Words, since they're a pain, gets in the way... Words, since they're a pain, get in the way... So, you have to ask yourself, what is this sentence really about. What's the main thing that's being talked about; what's the focus? So, how do we know which one is singular (one) or plurl (more than one)? He

They is / are happy. is / are happy. CPS Check Over Skill

1. Campuses of a state university (serve) (serves) students in lots of locations.

2. June, as well as other fun activities, (mark, marks) the end of school.

3. The rugs in our house (has) (have) been cleaned.

4. Car trips across the country (changes) (change) how boring I think Ohio is.

5. The noise in a roomful of computers (is) (are) deafening.

6. A butterfly, unlike spiders, rats, and centipedes (is) (are) beautiful.
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