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Eleanor & Park

No description

Jenna Guerrero

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Eleanor & Park

I See Fire- Ed Sheeran

The novel takes place in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Some secondary locations include:

-high school
-Eleanor's house
-Park's house
-St. Paul, Minnesota
-the big yellow school bus
Eleanor's Hair:
she has big, curly, bright red hair, and I think that this represents her in a way. She's extremely different than other girls. She's loud, opinionated, strong, and crazy. It's what makes her beautiful. What makes her stand out.

Mix Tapes:
Because it's the eighties, people used to use these things called cassette tapes. In Eleanor & Park, Park makes Eleanor a few Mix Tapes with her favourite songs on them. They would listen to them and then talk about it for hours. The tapes had different feels to them; some were sad, some were upbeat. I think that these tapes represent how they were able to relate to each other, their relationship, and how they feel.

The Bus:
This is where everything began. The noisy, crazy, filled-to-the-brim schoolbus. Eleanor & Park become each other's safe haven.The bus represents them in general. The two are facing so much hardship and many obstacles, at times it feels like they're always fighting things off. On the bus, even thought its loud and hectic, they sit in their own little world. They sit together, and talk about everything and anything.
Romance Genre



Eleanor is sixteen, living with her mother, step father, and four younger siblings. She doesn't live in good conditions, her stepfather had kicked her out of the house before, and he is abusive to her
mother. She is to herself, quiet, and very opinionated. Due to her
problems in the past, Eleanor is very closed off. She believes
that love is a trap. She thinks that putting your trust in some-
ones hands is equivalent to handing them a knife to stab you
in the back with. Because of this view-point, it makes it very
hard for her to let Park into her world, but he is too persistent
to let it go.

Park is a sixteen year old boy of half-Asian heritage. His
mother is South Korean, and his father is an American soldier,
which is how they met. They live in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Park is very into good music, he likes to think of it as uncovering the real music while everyone else listens to the top 40 fakes, in his words. Bands like The Smiths, XTC, They Might be Giants, Joy Division, and Echo and the Bunnymen, fill Park’s time. He also spends a good amount of time reading comic books and doing karate. Unlike Eleanor
Park doesn’t have a hard time opening up about things. He doesn’t feel like love is a lie, and trust is a very important aspect in his life. He is almost the opposite of Eleanor, but
at the same time, exactly the same.

There are a few antagonists in this story, given that there are two points of view. Minor ones; bullies and jerks. But the main antagonist, the character that seems to be trying to get in everyone’s way, who wants nothing but to ruin the protagonsits, is Richie. Richie is Eleanors abusive, drunk and controlling step-father. He has managed to brainwash her younger siblings into believing he is a good man, and he controls her mother into doing everything he wants. But being as rebelious and brave as Eleanor is, she refuses to be squashed under his thumb. The first time she showed this, Richie had her kicked out of the house for a year, living with some family friends. Now he is just passive aggressive, he just lashes out at her family and threats her from afar... But it scares Eleanor more than before.

Initial Incident:
Eleanor and Park meet on the school bus when she begins to secretly read along to his comic books. They become friends.

Rising Action:

They begin to develop strong feelings towards each other and eventually confess how they feel.

Eleanor notices that Richie is becoming more and more aggressive towards her and her family. She keeps on receiving creepy notes and threats, and shes starting to realize what is going on.

Its been Richie the entire time. All along, its been Richie trying to destroy her, etching away at her sanity bit by bit. When she finds out that he knows about Park she knows that she needs to leave as soon as possible.

Falling Action:
Park has to help her escape. In the middle of the night, his dad gives him permission to drive Eleanor to St. Paul, Minnesota to her uncles house.

Eleanor escapes and builds a new life in Minnesota, living with her aunt and uncle. But, due to the distance, and reasons that Eleanor couldn't explain, her and Park do not keep in touch. After they say goodbye and he drives back to Omaha, Eleanor refuses to answer his letters. After months and months of no reply, Park finally decides to send his last letter. Then, a few weeks later, he receives a postcard. Only three words long.

Eleanor faces extreme bullying. Kids at school, on the bus, abuse from her step-father, neglect from her biological father, and her mother forgets she exists altogether.

Park is dealing with a lot of pressure from his dad; to finish karate, do well in school, to learn to drive stick. His mother disapproves of Eleanor in the beginning, and kids at school give him a hard time about him dating her as well.

Eleanor seems to always be fighting with herself. She doesn't hate the way she looks. She dresses the way she does for a reason, but I feel like she beats herself up for who she is with Park. She knows that he gets a hard time with other for being with her. She knows that its because she isn't like all the other girls guys would go after, and I think that she doesn't feel good enough for him in a sense. That she wants to change to make it easier for Park, but in the end, she never can.

Park is almost the same. He feels like he doesn't do a good enough job protecting Eleanor. He hates that she has to go through so much, and he wants to make everything better for her, but in the end, he's doing all he could..and it was more than enough.
This novel falls into the Romance category. Of course, novels in the romance genre deal with two people falling in love. It follows their story and the obstacles they face. It also has an emotionally satisfying ending, whether it be happy or tragic.

In Eleanor & Park, we follow the story of the two, how they fall in love, and all the hardships they face. Eleanor has to deal with everything that goes on in her life at home, while Park helps her deal with it. In the end, it doesn't work. Tragic, heartbreaking, but entirely emotionally satisfying.
The Good Times Are Killing Me- Modest Mouse
I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Death Cab For Cutie
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