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computadores para contabilidade

No description

tok nantida

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of computadores para contabilidade

computadores para contabilidade
Accounting (Accounting) refers to the art of collecting recorded, classified and summarized information relating to the economy in the money. The final accounting is. To provide financial information Accounting that will benefit many people. And those interested in the activities of the entity.
Of the development of the To calculate or Includes various data from human use something close to the finger. A device that aids in the count. And he began to look for something that is far away in natural stones, twigs become iconic. Writing on the ground Various cave wall surface
Nantida Habunmee
Phuket Uorational Dollege
Application software packages, business and accounting. An application program office type work schedule (Spread Sheet) excel which has developed many companies in the business.
Choosing accounting software The choice of accounting software packages that have been developed to distribute prg acc develop for their own use.
Does not require a lot of personnel
Computer work accurately, quickly and accurately.
Computers are not confused about the numbers and text. Storage space as much as
Cost of hiring personnel.
Save time, fast and accurate.
This report is a quick, easy to read and clear.
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