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Augmented Reality

No description

Allexus Porter

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Augmented Reality

Retail Therapy with
Augmented Reality
Zugara Fashion App
Use augmented reality apps
like Nokia's City Lens to find only the places you want to shop.
See the world
Lets Talk Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing your business!
What is Augmented Reality?
using a layer of cloud- based data to digitally overlay images and data onto real world, real time images
Find the perfect dimensions and color for your space!!!
IKEA augmented reality app
*Use The ArtWall app to find perfect fitting art and sculptures.
teamed up

"Find Brooklyn Decker"
Sponsored by:
Like what you see?...
Try it out!
Decrease the amount of customer returns by offering a shopping experience through AUGMENTED REALITY!
How is this
A marketing and advertising firm
Nokia City Lens: Explore your surroundings with augmented reality.
Amish Shah discusses creating apps
Select Clothes
Print Marker
Turn on Web Cam
Activate with Marker
Did Someone Say....
"Everything is
becoming mobile!"
"We are in the midst of a
mobile revolution."
1. Research
2. Build
3. Monetize
4. Track
5. Optimize
Secret Formula:
5.2% of total retail spending
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