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Bryan Humber

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Tecumseh

Tecumseh was born in 1768 it is unknown what date and thought to be born on the Scioto river. During his childhood they were ravaged by war. From 1774 to 1782 they were invaded and occupied 5 times. In 1777 Tecumseh moved to Pekowi along the banks of the Mad river. In the same year his father was killed and towns destroyed. His tribe (Kispokos) didn't have very many soilders but were well known for fighting fercly with the other first nations. War of 1812 Tecumseh Personal Information Important Life Events Accomplishments Tecumseh's Personality Impact on future Canada Challenges and Difficulties Tecumseh's Affect on the War of 1812 Tecumseh was very brave. I know this because on July 25th 1812he lead a group of Shawnee natives into an american army head quarters with in sight of their village. this was the first time the americans had suffered casualties.

Tecumseh was also very judgemental I know this because on august 13th 1812 Tecumseh and Sir Isaac Brock met for the first time during an army meeting, Sir Brock decided they were going to attack Detroit and the only people who thought this was a good idea was Sir Isaac Brock and Tecumseh. During the meeting when everyone was saying how bad of an idea it was Tecumseh said "This is a man!". this imposes that because all the other people didn't want to attack detroit they were not men! One of his first important life events was, birth, then was his tribe being occupied multiple times. Next was his father's death. Then another life event would include going to Canada and joining the war America started. The last one is when he died at the battle of Thames. His body was found scalped and pieces of skin were ripped off to make razor strops. Tecumseh had many accomplishments including, being chief of the Shawnee nation, he was like Martin Luther King Jr in the way that he stood up for the aboriginal rights, he brought the Choctaw, Chickasaw and Creek Nations to the city called Prophets town. he also fought on the side of the british during the war of 1812 he died on October 5th 1813 Bibliography http://www.eighteentwelve.ca/?q=eng/Topic/6
http://www.tvdsb.on.ca/tecumseh/man/ http://www.historynet.com/native-american-indian-chiefs A sculpture of Tecumseh's body Tecumseh at moment of death What the strips of skin were made into The 18th of July 1812 was the day that America decalred war on the British. This was the day Tecumseh saw the british troops gathering so he started gathering his own troops and on July 25th US major James Denny marched troops into sight of Tecumseh's camp. Tecumseh saw the troops so he lead an attack on the Americans which caused the first casualties of the Americans.

He was also involved in the Battle of Thanes. The Battle of Thanes was the place of Tecumseh's death. in the battle he lead a group of 500 aboriginal warriors into battle against over 500 american solders but the british had another 900 troops under the command of Proctor. Tecumseh' men were told not to retreat but did on the 27th of September 1813. After the death of Tecumseh himself Some of the challenges and difficulties Tecumseh faced were, the death of his father and mother, the move from warrior to tribal cheif. Other things that would have been challenging would be thing like figuring out when to attack when to retreat and when if ever to surrender. The effect Tecumseh had on future Canada was huge. not only did he keep Canada from becoming America he also gave a very high level of respect to the other aboriginal. let me elaborate, if Tecumseh hadn't of lead the Shawnee aborigonals in to battle against the Americans than the british would have had to fight even more troops and could have lost Canada to the Americans, he also showed the british that the aboriginal weren't just meat shields they were good if not better fighters.
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