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SIFE FTU2 Rehearsal 2/7/2010

No description

Khanh Nguyen

on 14 July 2010

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Transcript of SIFE FTU2 Rehearsal 2/7/2010

SIFE Foreign Trade University HCMC Black Soldier Flies Project Data Entry Project Voice of Love 7890 GIVE LIVE BIZ Potential Cultural change Social profit Lack of knowledge technique Beneficiaries Low-income women Employment Challenges Mind Long-term Solution Benefits - Applicable knowledge
- Income Rod, not fish - Management Skills
- Start Businesses Changes Increase productivity 1.5 times Increase income 140% Understanding financial management Sustainability Commitment Replication Community Jönköping City, Sweden Ho Chi Minh City, VN 7890 Environment Developed Countries Developing Countries > < Use money inefficiently. Can't go to school, see things or buy what they need. Potential 1/10 = 1 audiobook = inspiration and motivation invaluable lesson of sharing and use money reasonably Challenges Habit of using money of Swedish children.
Pessimistic attitude toward life of blind children.
Solutions Financial literacy for Swedish children
Sharing events in Thien An Open House
Changes 3 months - 3 workshops held with 50 students (6-10) involved.
7 mil VND funded. Miracles of Life & Life is Precious 2 stereo player, 11 audiobooks, 1 audiobook library Sustainability Motivate blind children
Teach Swedish children how to use money efficiently and how to share with the others. Development Process Approaching Implementation gain core skills & employability skills
be ready for jobs
have a happy life Development Process Preparation Implementation Transition Farmers
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