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Prep to Grad

How to apply to graduate from the University of Guelph-Humber

Alice Salamon

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Prep to Grad

Preparing to Graduate
5. Attend Convocation!
o changes allowed after submission

*Late applications will cost $60

*Will be available in paper format in Student Services (GH108) from March 7th - 21st
1) Click on "Application to Graduate"

2) Select your program.

3) Follow the steps
1. Apply to Graduate
2. Check your Program/Academic Evaluation
4. Attend the Last Lecture
3. Smile for the camera:
Book your graduation portraits
* Online applications are available NOW until March 7, 2014

* You must fill out the application even if you do not wish to come to the ceremony

How to Apply on
*Your name

* Any name changes will require 2 government- issued photo I.D.s

*your address

* "Bachelors" or "Baccalaureate"?
* After applying, you should receive a confirmation email

* If no response, contact graduate@guelphhumber.ca

* Application should be confirmed before you are done the Winter 2014 semester
What are your
*Be in good Academic Standing (60% GPA)

* 60% of your required 3000/4000 level courses at Guelph-Humber

* Must complete all core credits, general elective credits, work placements/ internships, etc
How to Check Program/Aca
1) Go to WebAdvisor

2) Click "Program / Academic Evaluation"

2) Double check that you have completed all courses (count electives, any courses missing?)
* Check your Program/Academic Evaluation by February 2014.

* Apply to graduate by March 7, 2014.

*Attend Last Lecture, date To Be Announced.

* Order your Convocation gown online in May 2014.

* Attend your Convocation, date To Be Announced.
Beyond Graduation...
Career Services:
* Graduate School Search
* Resume and Cover Letter Critiques
* Mock Interviews
* Job Search Techniques

Alumni Services:
* Keep in touch!
* Send us updates to ghalumni@guelphhumber.ca
* Benefits and deals for alumni!
Work, travel, volunteer, school…
Which ever road you choose to follow!!!
Visit www.guelphhumber.ca/graduates
See your Program Plan! www.guelphhumber.ca >> Current Students >> Academic Advising >> Forms and Program Plans
Program Requirements
Business: 20 Credits
Media: 20 Credits
Justice: 20 Credits
Psych: 20 Credits
Kinesiology: 20 Credits
Early Childhood: 20 Credits
FCSS: 20.75 Credits
BAA: 15 Credits
On WebAdvisor until March 7th
On WebAdvisor ASAP!!
Date To Be Announced
June 16, 2014*
Things to Verify:
Dates to Remember:
(As it will appear on your degree/parchment)
(where your Grad ticket/approval letter will be mailed)
*Log in to WebAdvisor*
*Dates subject to change
(It means the same thing...the choice is yours. Which do you want on your parchment?)
* No application = NO degree/parchment!
You are almost done!!!!
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